Join my TCFSTYLE Photo a Day Instagram Challenge

I need to do better with pictures. I feel I do. Most of the days I spend in my pjs, bare faced, and hair in a scarf… I have been trying to get better with this. I promise. The glamorous life of a blogger right? LOL. So, I have kicked this idea around of doing a photo challenge, because I love seeing what you do, wear, and how you put things together- I am inspired by you!  After asking you on FB, I decided to kick of the Fall season with a TCFSTYLE Photo a Day Instagram Challenge!

When I asked you, you replied with a resounding YES! So I thought about it. I am a tad bit nervous mind you… I want it to be fun, something that motivates myself as well and pushes ME outside of my comfort level too! This way, we can do this challenge together! Right?

TCFStyle Instagram Challenge

my TCFSTYLE Photo a Day Instagram Challenge

Okay so what I have done is created 31 themes for the month of August. Each day, snap a photo for the day of the month and tag #TCFStyle! Make sure you follow me on Instagram at @mariedenee! We will see it and share our faves to Facebook, on the homepage of the blog, but your pictures will ALSO land of the #TCFStyle page! Have you checked it out lately?

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Check out the #TCFSyle Page here! While you are there, don’t forget out the TCFStyle Forum!?! Have you registered yet?

What do you think about the challenge? Will I see you on Instagram? No worries, I will remind you on FB and Twitter about the challenges too!



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