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Gotta Have It: This Plus Size Floral Skirt Set from Grisel

Gotta Have It- This Plus Size Floral Skirt Set from GriselMMHMM. Dammit. When you pair amazing imagery and a dope set, you cannot help but to get all kinds of excited and such is the case with this plus size floral skirt set from Grisel. YO. This set has me thinking and feeling sexy. Can that happen?

I am not sure who this model is, but let me tell you, she inspires me. Oh, and yes! This set is giving me all kinds of perfect summer playfulness. I can see this at a barbecue, out with the girls for drinks, or on vacation! This print makes me smile immediately and this cut is perfect for me.

You see, I love the high waistline that this skirt has and the thicker straps for the perfect push-me-up-to-there bra! Given the color way, I can also see both pieces broken up and put together! But at the easy price of $44.95, who could deny the opp here? I am all over this set for sooo many reasons.

Take a closer look below to see why I am a fan!


Gotta Have It: This Plus Size Floral Skirt Set from Grisel

This Plus Size Floral Skirt Set from By Grisel  This Plus Size Floral Skirt Set from By Grisel

This set is available for pre-sale NOW, meaning that it will not ship for a few weeks, but what a great way to ensure your perfect set? I am loving this and am feeling playful enough to make this one mines. I have noticed my bravery into places I haven’t been and this would be one of those moments should I make this mine!

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Presale this Plus Size Floral Set over on  Grisel, HERE

On top of everything else, I love that the brand is an indie one by model-turned-business-owner, Grisel! With such a successful launch, this label, I can imagine being around for quite some time! She is all over it with Custom Plus and now, with this endeavor? I am all here for support! YES.

Can you see yourself in this set? How would you rock this? Is this one that you could see yourself all over?

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