First Look: Rachel Pally White Label Fall 2014 Look Book

Rachel Pally White Label Fall 2014 Look Book

[tps_header]If you know me, then you know boho luxe girl loves her Rachel Pally. The modal cotton blends feel like butter on my skin and I cannot get enough of it. I will be rocking it this week actually. I honestly believe that every woman needs a Rachel Pally piece in their closet- if at least for summer time. Her maxi dresses and skirts speak to my life like none other! For reals! So when I received the Rachel Pally White Label Fall Look Book, I had to share it with you too!

I often feature, rock, or shine the light on Rachel Pally as I remember her being one of the first brands I stumbled upon, doing contemporary plus size fashion for plus ALONGSIDE her main label. That partnership started out with Nordstrom many moons ago and has been going strong ever since. I love how reactionary, responsive, and passionate she is about all of her clientele and that she actually carries and features plus sizes on her site- go figure right? (no, for reals, I actually asked a designer about this a week ago and she seemed sooo shocked about this idea!)

Anywho, let me share with you the look book!

Rachel Pally White Label Fall 2014 Look Book [/tps_header]

Rachel Pally White Label Fall 2014 Look Book

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  1. Sigh… I see all sorts of beautiful things on the runways and then when it comes to plus-sized offerings, all we get are black and white basics. How many black skirts and pants does one woman need? Why does every designer peg us into this category and deny us the feminine pastels, the beautiful gauzy prints, or even some edgy steel gray and silver? These are soooo hard to find and when I do see them, I’m paying full price because they sell out too quickly!

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