My Style: A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi Dress

A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi Dress So, this time last week, I was in St Croix for the FashionlinkVI Fashion Weekend event. I knew that the weather would be HUMID. But my body really wasn’t 100% ready. I mean, how could you really, especially if you have never been there? Anyways, knowing that I wanted to be easy breezy comfy and dressed up, I opted for this City Chic Maxi Dress!

When I first saw this dress on the site, I was in love with the color way and pattern. It was calming, playful, and sweet. On top of everything else, it was a maxi dress! Woot! You must know, I do love a great maxi dress! LOVE. So when City Chic sent me this dress to play in, immediately I knew I had to rock it for my trip!

A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi Dress

A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi Dress

A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi Dress

The only thing I wasn’t too sold on when I received it was the sequins belt attached to the dress, but once I had it on, I paid it no attention and it did not bother me much! I did love that the dress in the boob area had this cool lining, that did this really cool mmph to the girls!

Mind you I am a size 16 ish and I am also right at 5’8” so to give you an idea of the length of the dress! I sat comfortably in the small (City Chic’s sizing is a bit different than what we are used to) and it fit sooooo comfortably! I was happy…

NOTE: This strapless bra? YO. Is from City Chic. DO you see the cleavage I have in this strapless? I am a 38 DD and am wearing the 16DD convertible bra from City Chic… YOOOOO! I am surprised. I do not think I have ever had cleavage in a strapless!A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi Dress

After the night’s festivities ended, all of us immediately headed to the beach to try to capture our looks… I was not alone here and I wanted to have a little fun too! Since I had this ummm, glow about me in this heat and I was on the beach, I thought it would be fun to imagine a romantic evening with the grown ass man (hence the looks I was giving) and this is what Candice Kelly snapped! Hehehe

A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi DressYou can still scoop up this Mosaic Print Maxi Dress at Chic Chic HERE!

I was a bit silly, having fun and I think that these and the other pics snapped by Candice are sooo much fun! I cannot wait to share the others with you! ;D

A Beachside Romance in My City Chic Maxi DressWhat do you think of today’s look? Something that you could see yorusefl wearing? Have you head the pleasure of playing in City Chic? Let’s talk about it below!

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  1. Accademia di Moda says

    LOVE the shimmer, floral maxi! It looks amazing on you and the pleating really makes this maxi feel breezy and elegant!

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