Everyday Luxury Essentials with Cushie b

Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie B

When you think of essentials, how many of us have them? How many of our closets are filled with fanciness and amazing IT items, but not a solid foundation? How many of us invest in the items we will rock out with 5 thousand times over? Well, today I take a close look at Cushie B, a new plus size luxury designer who makes classics that serve as a great foundation to your wardrobe.

Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie b I must admit, styling my knit swing top posed a challenge as I realized how much I have strayed away from staples and classics. I mean… seriously I need them in my life! So when I had a chance to pick out an essential, I went for this teal swing tee to see what and how I could finagle this into my closet… LOLOL

Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie B

Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie b

I have to admit, once I paired my top with my white jeans and contrasting heels, I felt like I was just as daytime polished and playful! A little grown up, a bit chic, and different from my usual laid back life… I mean I needed to run my errands before my FFFWeek journey, so this is how I did it!

This knit is reminiscent to that of St John… But like, for me. I felt comfortable in this Italian yarn knit. WOOT. If you are one who digs the Eileen Fisher, the once so good Dana Buchman, Lafayette 148 and that of the Better Sportswear, then Cushie B is your style!Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie b

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I do love pushing myself out of my comfort zone, who knows what woman you will find on the other side! Ohhh let me give you my outfit details:

Top: Cushie b | Jeans: Not Your Daughter Jeans | Shoes: Shoedazzle | Satchel: Wink & Winn | Lippie: AVON in Racy Red

Everyday Plus Size Luxury Essentials with Cushie bI could also see myself rocking this top with some shorts and it feel like a perfect balance, not too fitted or showing too much. I also see that this is a perfect top for me because I do not like things too fitted on my midsection, a place I do not see as my best asset. LOL. We all have our own places and insecurities… my belly area happens to be mine, so I see this top being viable here!

What do you think of how I played with this top? Are you one to invest in your essentials? There are all of these new options and I am excited about the newness! Leave your thoughts below!

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