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My Style: Summer Ready x Zappos x Plus Size Fashion!

So, knock me over the head a few times, because I never really knew what I was missing until now. Did you know that Zappos carries plus size fashion? For the longest time I would always equate Zappos with shoes, but my… how I been asleep at THAT wheel! When the Zappos team reached out to me to say Hey Girl, Hey, I was pleasantly shocked!

Marie Denee in Gabrielle ROcha at Zappos #Zapposstyle

Since summer came early for us on the west coast, we were braving 100 degree temps and staying cool was/is a must! So you know what I do- reach for my trusted dresses! In this case, a Gabrielle Rocha maxi striped dress I picked out from Zappos! And let me tell you, this dress has already been rocked twice since I have received it… because I love my dresses and this dress is that comfy!

Marie Denee in Gabrielle ROcha at Zappos #Zapposstyle

Did you notice that I have my hair pinned all up and away? Veda hooked it up as I was playing this weekend for a fun shoot! We just wrapped up here, and I really wanted to snap my next favorite dress for the summer… I already know it. I think it is cool though how my Dernier Cri hair, straightened, worked itself out here with a side braid and mega swoop. I think I look wayyyyyy different! LOL. And with all the sun, I HAD to pull out my OG Swarovski shades again! I LOVE them! LOVE.

Marie Denee in Gabrielle ROcha at Zappos #ZapposstyleMy dress? LONG. I am 5’8” as I shared in my last maxi dress post, and I am wearing flats and there is about a good two to three inch slack here for you to play with! So my long-legged babes? Go IN! I am rocking an XL in this brand, after reading the comments and wanting a specific fit. They go up to a size 3X (note I am a 16/18) so there is mad wiggle room here!

Marie Denee in Gabrielle ROcha at Zappos #ZapposstyleWait and there are about 20+ colors and patterns to choose from! And even better? The dress is $65!

Score your Gabrielle Rocha Dress here, at Zappos!

I did get a few more pieces to play in for the summer and will have more to share too as I am headed to St Croix next weekend! HEYYYYYY!

What do we think? Are you digging the dress? Do You shop at Zappos? I imagine this with my wide-brimmed hat and my fancy sassy wedges on the island! Ideas!

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