Plus Size Shorts: Do You Dare? We have 15 Picks to Try!


I love shorts. For the spring and the summer, living on the west coast, in the desert heat, staying cool is my ideal. Add to this that I live outside of LA headed towards Palm Springs? Yeah, plus size shorts are everything in my life right now!

Marie Denee in her Plus Size Shorts

I know that shorts aren’t a well-received item or can be a sore spot for a few of you, but for those who dare or do not care about showing off your beautiful gams, I had to round up quite a few pairs of shorts that I have my eyes on for the spring and summer season! Are you ready?

Plus Size Shorts: Do You Dare? We have 15 Picks to Try!

How do you like to rock your shorts?

This year, I am here for quite a few ways to rock shorts!

Culottes, tailored, and worn in; each of these speak to different moods I may be feeling and I am here for it. Oversized tees, relaxed crop tops, boyfriend blazers, matching sets, all of these call out me and I am excited for this!

I do have my own set of rules for buying shorts! I have shared them a few times on the blog, but I had to re-share!

  • I buy a size up. It’s hot. I do not need tights and uncomfortable shorts on top of the heat. To remedy this, I buy a size up. Room for my thighs to move with ease and to reduce the friction.
  • I almost ALWAYS abide by the fingertip rule. If it is shorter than my fingertips- chances are you WILL NOT catch me rocking it. Legs are sexy, but any shorter and I am wearing underwear (in my eyes).
  • I opt for darker rinses and sturdier fabrics, although this year, I am feeling like explorative with the culottes trend! Kind of contrary to staying cool in the summer right? However, a sturdier fabric (heavier cotton blends or denim) reduces the risk of the shorts riding up creating that inverted V. YOU KNOW what I am talking about.
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Cool Wardrobe Wonder: Check out PSST, a shop that has iron ons that go inside your shorts to keep in place!

What do you think of Plus Size Shorts? Do you have your own set of tips? Do you have plans on rocking them this season? Let’s talk about it below!


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  1. I live in Arizona, so shorts are absolutely necessary during the summer (and part of winter, too haha). I love the jean shorts with the floral embroidery you’re wearing in the second picture! Where did you get those? I’d love to hunt down a pair for myself. 🙂

  2. Those sophisticate pleated shorts from Forever 21 are super cute on, EXCEPT for the fact that the kicky pleat kicks up and literally shows buttcheek when I walk. And I’m not even tall! I was so sad when I realized that lol

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