Gotta Have It: These Simply Be Plus Size Aztec Shorts

I do love a great pair of shorts. Like love. If you have been following me for a while, then you will know that I have no shame in showing off the thighs. Especially as I live in SoCal in the Inland Empire- just last week, it was 100 degrees in MAY. 100 Degrees. Finding new ways to stay chill is always exciting, especially when plus size fashion has been evolving and we get new silhouettes each season! Like these Simply Be Aztec Shorts. I am here for these.

I have tons of ideas for these for the spring and the summer. Like, from daytime chic, to beach time chill, to laid back and casually cool. I imagine these shorts to be quite amazing as they could be paired quite a few ways, a requirement of mine before I buy anything! LOL.

These Simply Be Plus Size Aztec Shorts

These Simply Be Plus Size Aztec Shorts

Neverthemind the model. I KNOWWWWW! I have pushed back to the powers that be for them to use fuller figured models, but I am only one here… BUT, bare with me. Imagine a gently relaxed blazer, in either a pattern or monochromatic hue… for a dressed up option that can go day or night with a change of the accessories! Yes. I can totally see this as a day or night option with heels and a blazer and a classic top underneath for chic appeal.

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Snag these shorts at Simply Be Here!

BUT, on the other hand, I can see this with a crop top. A top in a raspberry hue, like this one from Domino Dollhouse! Or perfect for he beach, with its back of the shorts being elasticized, so how about that for all day comfort?

I am here for these shorts. And at right under $30, I think I can def swing these. For SURE!

What do you think? Could you see yourself in these? I am sooo curious! Let’s talk about these below!

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