New Video- Plus Size FASHION: Don’t Play With Our Emotions

dont play with our emotions

Today’s new video goes in a little bit about frustrations, irritations, and situations that I do not understand or don’t comprehend with those in the plus size fashion business and industry- So in my last video, Don’t Play With My Emotions, I share a few concerns and issues that I take issue with as a plus size woman.

From look books not including plus size women, to models not wanting to be identified as plus size, to PR companies not understanding the community…

I am just a bit irked.

In my latest video, I shared this crop top I am in love with. The whole look is broken down here, for all the deets!

So please take a peek at this video and let me know what you think!

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  1. As a fashion photographer and happy to be plus size chick, I totally get it! I also am not a fan of when they have plus size clothes but have models that are a size 10 or 12 (not that they aren’t beautiful) because that is not the average plus size I think. I love shooting plus size ladies and I am happy to see that there is a lot of options for amazing clothes out there, but yes, put in full on plus size ladies to represent. Not every plus size lady has “curves” or an hourglass figure….I want to know how clothes would look on someone with a relatively square frame….so yah, I think your vent was warranted :D!! and ps. if you ever come to Winnipeg I would love to do a photoshoot with you 😀

  2. Thank you a thousand times. This needed to be said, and thank you for letting ppl know where you stand when they approach you.
    I’ve noticed some online stores that use models who are SWIMMING in the dresses they are trying to sell me. And it’s like, how on earth can I tell how this dress might work if you have it on someone who looks like she is playing dress-up in her mama’s closet?
    Since straight-sized models are so much smaller than the average straight-sized woman, I was okay with plus-sized models being smaller than me. But then you see more and more ppl not even using the real plus-sized models (and hear hear to the fact that there are about 3 girls that I see modeling about 90% of the clothes I buy, and no, none of them are black).
    One of the most amazing things about the way that blogging has changed the game is the fact that I see plus-sized women, ranging from plus-sized model size to women who wear a bigger size than me, wearing the clothes that I own. I have always LOVED clothes and fashion and it is really helpful to be able to get ideas or be inspired to take risks b/c I see a body like mine in something (and killing it).
    I love that my clothing game is so on point that the women that have 1000x more clothing options that I do actually ask me about my clothes on a regular basis.
    I’ve noticed some department stores are finally starting to put us in the same part of the store instead of back in the “attic” behind the sheets and towels. Of course, other locations of the SAME chains sometimes kick us out entirely. And of course there are the Old Navy’s that only have plus online (but I barely use them anymore b/c there are MUCH better options).

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