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Gotta Have It: ASOS Curve Scalloped Hem Plus Size Shorts Suit

I have been on the hunt for a plus size shorts suit. Like each spring season, I have perused and delved into the interwebs looking for more than a few good options, so now that I have found a viable one? I am here for all of this. I love the option for a little bit of sophistication in my life! And with this ASOS Curve Scalloped Suit I am here for all of it.

The suit comes in two colors and I cannot choose. The blush hue or the black? I am leaning towards the blush “nude” hue as I am sure my closet has seen enough black options… LOL. I can see this for brunch options, meetings, fancy day events, and much more. Separately, the shorts are sweet enough without being or doing too much.  I like the hemline length, not too short or too long. I do love this suit. Take a look at why I am digging this:

ASOS Curve Scalloped Hem Plus Size Shorts Suit

ASOS Curve Scalloped Hem Plus Size Shorts Suit

Last year, we (me and some of my blog buddies) went on missions looking for viable options for suiting. In the fall we saw a few pieces that spoke to me and for this year, I am positive we will see more of these. I believe it.

ASOS Curve Scalloped Hem Plus Size Shorts Suit

I mean, this set is not sold as a suit, but there are options… They are sold separately which works, so that each piece you can get to fit perfectly to your curves. I also like that these shorts are high waisted. I love this.

ASOS Curve Scalloped Hem Plus Size Shorts Suit

Score the jacket here and snatch up the shorts here!

I mean, there are options right? I do love this is a way that this could be a perfect staple through the upcoming sweltering heat! You know it is on its way! Hahaha…

How would you rock this? Could you see yourself in this? Which Color would you wear and where would you go in this? Let’s Talk about it below!

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