Best Full Figured Bra Buys For a 44 Band+

five full figured bras 44 plus

MARIE’S NOTE: While I was at the Latina  and Lifestyle Blogger Conference, I met this really cool woman from the Bay Area, with her bring plus size and with a very passionate concern about bras, I invited her to share her thoughts, concerns, and love with all of you! Please check out the first of hopefully more guests posts from Jessica of Jess and Things!

 Tell me, how many times does this or has this conversation happened to you? 

Stranger: “Hi. I don’t mean to be rude or to stare, but you have really large breasts!”

Me:  “Really?! I hadn’t noticed.” (Giving major side eye to the stranger)

Everywhere I go my breasts are stared at, fondled randomly, or even bitten by breastfeeding babies, who are allowed to get too close to my voluptuous girls.

More than the gratuitous observation of the size of my breasts s the question I am always asked is… “Where do you get your bras?”  Oh how I wish that was an easy question.  It’s no simple feat searching for bras in extended sizes. It’s actually is the most difficult purchases in my wardrobe.   When I say “extended” I mean that your band size above 44 inches and a cup size larger than a DDD.  Purchasing these heavy duty undergarments guarantees that you will spend money. There will be no $5 bra grabs from Wal-Mart here.  So if you’re willing to pay $35 and up for a “good” bra there are a FEW components that should be present. These are my TOP THREE:

  • Proper measurements- knowing your true bra size is invaluable information
  • A certain level of comfort-  you shouldn’t be in constant pain
  • The opportunity to purchase again – knowing where to shop
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Here are my top 5 places I shop for the 44 inch Band Full Figured Bra

five full figured bras 44 plus

(links shown below)
  1. Sara’s Bare Necessities 
  2. Lane Bryant
  3. Goddess Bras
  4. Catherine’s
  5. One Stop Plus

***Marie’s Edit***

I also suggest Jenette’s Bras in SoCal. “Where the alphabet starts at D!” There is also Livirae Lingerie- you know, from Lifetime’s Double Divas! Make sure that you also check out the other posts marked plus size lingerie or plus size bras!! Also, make sure you become besties with Fuller Figure Fuller Bust on Facebook!

And if you do nothing else that I’ve mentioned here in this post make sure you lift those puppies high.  A definite sign of a “good” bra is no low-hanging fruit.  Happy bra hunting!

Jessica Wright


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  1. I second the Jenette’s recommendation. I’ve been to both the Melrose and Pasadena stores. The bras are great, the clerks are pleasant and helpful and Jenette is a lovely, lively lady. The bras aren’t cheap – they are definitely investment pieces – but they’re worth it.

    I also like to take advantage of Lane Bryant’s semi-annual Cacique sale – buy two bras, get two free. Definitely worth it. I’ll often end up spending $70-$80 for four really good bras. Such a deal!

  2. I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been having such a bra quandary. I’m a 44DD and for years I’ve been obsessed with the Cacique 5 way convertible bra they sell at Lane Bryant. Over the years the stock has dwindled and now they don’t sell it at all anymore. Sad panda! More than the size or fit, the thing I’m looking for in a replacement is a nice big band! This style has a 4 hook, 4-5 inch band all the way around. Does anyone have any good recommendations for something like that?

  3. Miss Stevens Shop in West Los Angeles is an answered prayer for me! I’ve been wearing Goddess for years now and shudder at the thought of what I wore before. I am a 48H and am always able to walk in and leave with a bra the same day!

  4. Ah so nice i have a few friends who will love this post to death. Now I dont know if you have did this already but can there be a post for bigger cupsizes but smaller band sizes? like above H? I would love to have a better guide also. I think they should make them more 4 and 5 hooks. i know the bras above some of them have like 4 hooks!! id kill for that in my band size.

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