My Style: Casual in My City Chic Jeans and Tee

My Style Casual in my City Chic Jeans and Tee

Well, not really, but kind of.

I wanted to play around with one of spring’s coming trends, an answer or viable option to the skinny jeans, the wide leg jean. But I wanted to play around with another strong spring trend, daring to be a bit more bold here… cause um yeah… you wouldn’t have caught me doing this two years ago… While I played it down today, Casual in My City Chic Jeans and Tee, I still wanted to have a little fun.

My Style Casual in my City Chic Jeans and Tee

I mean, for me, my life is a little more laid back, especially working from home… sometimes I stay in my PJs all day… LOL, but if I have to run around and take care of things or meet a girlfriend for lunch, well, laid back casual it is…

So this is how I played this up:

My Style Casual in My City Chic Jeans and Tee

My Style Casual in my City Chic Jeans and Tee

My Style Casual in my City Chic Jeans and Tee
My Style Casual in my City Chic Jeans and Tee


I really love these jeans and they are long. LIKE, I have a 31 inch inseam and these jeans, I am rocking with over a 4 inch wedge and look how long these puppies are on me! I love the front seam of these and how dark they are. They can be both casual and tailored enough for a dressier look, especially because of the rinse!

You have seen this Marina Rinaldi leather bomber before. I wear the hell out of it for perfect reasons. It is soooo damn amazing. Leather soft as butter, impeccable fit and intricate detailing! I thought it would be perfect to add to this ensemble.

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Outfit breakdown:

My Jeans are from City Chic (similar pair here), crop top from ASOS, and my Leather Moto jacket from Marina Rinaldi

My Style Casual in my City Chic Jeans and Tee

For me, this is all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone…  and having fun while doing it.

Extra Special thanks to Will Utley Photography for shooting me!

Have you rocked a crop with denim before? I am thinking a bodysuit next time! LOLOL How would you freak this? Let me know!

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  1. If you can’t tolerate even fine metals like platinum or gold, try pearls.

    I have 3 different opera length strands about 80 inches. One is very nice quality win white, alternating 2 mm and about 4 – 5 mm round pearls. The other 2 are freshwater and more egg shaped about 6-8mm. One strand is off white and the other kind of multi – colored shades of gray, pink and cream. They can be layered, looped and worn with enhancers where the metal won’t touch your skin. My godmother is the Queen of Pearls with a collection of many colors, some strand with gemstone beads or crystals between the pearls.

    You can find the less expensive strands for under $50 in many places. Watch for gem and jewelry shows that come to the convention and trade halls of many large cities. Prices especially on the last day can be insanely good because international jewelers don’t like to pay taxes to take items back home.

    1. Note she said 31″ inseam. They would be flooded on you. I’m constantly on the lookout for that magical 36″ inseam…sigh.

      1. Actually, @sederiyathompson:disqus is correct @tewanerjohnson:disqus, my normal inseam is 31, and I am wearing almost 5 inch heels in these jeans … 🙂

      2. You’re a bad mutha f..Shut yo mouth! LOL! That is what this outfit reminds me of! Foxy Brownish, Pam Grierish without being costumey. I am now on a quest for long wide leg jeans! #Coinsleavingmypurse

  2. I love that look on you. Very cute. I’m good on the crop top but I would rock the jeans and jacket.

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