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NEW VIDEO: A few of My Favorite Plus Size Spring Trends

This week, will be all about spring trends. What to expect, the colors (did you catch that post already?), the plus size designers who are making them, and where to buy it! To get us started, I fashioned a new video for you to have fun watching! Are you ready??

A Few of My Favorite Plus Size Spring Trends

The plus size spring trends I am in love with (of the many I love) that I highlighted are:

All White

Black and White


Wide Leg bottoms

MAD Prints

Ohhh but these are not all of the trends for spring, just a few… ready for more?

I love these and throughout the week, I will have all of these and more highlighted trends for the spring all nice and neatly tucked in for you! I will share looks from the runway and the plus size designers and retailers who are fashioning these for us! All nice and pretty!

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For me, this spring is all about having fun, celebrating my femininity, and stepping further out of my comfort zone- exploring plus size fashion and my personal style to its limits!

What about you?

What trends are you checking for? Which ones have you already started stocking up on? Where are you headed this spring with fashion?

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