NEW TO THE BLOG: The #TCFStyle Forum!

NEW TO THE BLOG: The #TCFStyle Forum!

So, I have been planning this for a while now. My nerves getting the best of me, to add something so different to the site, but as I have noticed and have realized on Facebook, that you all love to chat, love to share and support, and are quite the lovers of fashion! And taking the #TCFSTYLE hashtag one step further, I have created the #TCFSTYLE Forum!

NEW TO THE BLOG: The #TCFStyle Forum!

So what I have done is taken the Instagram hashtag I created for YOU to show off YOUR style and flushed it out into a forum where you can create groups, chat about your blogs and businesses, and share personal experiences with plus size designers and retailers! I do hope you like it and stay a while!

What I see the #TCFSTYLE Forum growing into?

Honestly, the possibilities are endless here! But I want to keep it organic and stay a safe space for fun and fashion!

But I do see it as a place for reviews, fashion advice, meeting new friends, and best of all, a community!  I am still testing and playing around with it, but I wanted to create a place where you can dig deeper than what we have going on, over on Facebook! You know what I mean?

Eventually, I would love for exclusive discounts and coupons, giveaways, and product to share with you! I have grand ideas here and I hope that you will enjoy!

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I invite you to poke around the forum, leave some love and say hi to new friends! It is fairly new and I am still tweaking it a bit, but do register and at least say Heyyy girl HEYYYY!

What do you think of this new addition? Will I see you over there? Join the fun!

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