Gotta Have It: City Chic Spring Dresses

City Chic Spring Dresses- Plus Size SPring Dresses on the Curvy Fashionista

Today we are back with more plus size fashion and today we shine the light on the Australian based and online retailer, City Chic. More specifically, these City Chic Spring Dresses, as I was perusing the site and imagined myself feeling all pretty, feminine, and sexy in them.

I am ready for spring. I have been ready, partly because I am over here in California, with warmer weather, lovely sunshine, and cool breezes. We are ready. So, when I happened to check out the newest arrivals, I could not choose just one to share with you, I chose three: Different attitudes, different vibes, but all ones that I imagine my curves playing in.

Have you had the pleasure of shopping from City Chic? I have featured them often and I do love them and the brand. This contemporary plus size brand offers up some really great options for the woman who wants a bit more and just enough to keep it cute. And the quality? Boning in the bust, lining in the dresses, and reinforced stitching? The quality is there!

So let me share with you the three dresses I am digging…

Gotta Have It: These Three City Chic Spring Dresses

(See a dress you like? Just click on the pic or the name to go to buy it!) 

Rose Mirror Dress

City Chic Spring Dresses- Plus Size Rose Mirror DressCity Chic Spring Dresses- Plus Size Rose Mirror Dress

Tea House Dress


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City Chic Spring Dresses- Plus Size Tea DressCity Chic Spring Dresses- Plus Size Tea Dress

Confetti Dress

City Chic Spring Dresses- Plus Size Confetti DressCity Chic Spring Dresses- Plus Size Confetti Dress

Cute dresses right?

In regards to fit, for me and my shape, I haven’t a complaint. They are quite true to size, priding themselves here on the fit, fabric, and function of their garments. You must check them out if you get the chance!

You can shop at City Chic online NOW! You can also peruse the City Chic offerings at Nordstrom here too!

*Cool to know*

This plus size brand, City Chic is now also carried at Nordstrom. City Chic brings its 10 year history of successful retail growth in the Australian, New Zealand and South African markets, to the Nordstrom plus size customer. Not just ONLINE, but now in 8 Nordstrom stores!

To celebrate the in-store launch, Nordstrom held five VIP fashion workshops for customers at Fashion Valley (San Diego), Old Orchard Centre (Skokie, IL), Michigan Avenue (Chicago), Downtown Seattle and Valley Fair (San Jose)! Did you make it???

What do you think of these picks? Can you see yourself having fun here with them? Have you bought from them lately? Let’s chat about it!

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  1. Funny, City Chic had this dress at Nordstrom at the end of last year(not one of the ones above)…didn’t know the brand or sizing, and passed on it even when it was half price. Later saw something similar, regretted passing it up, and used their wishlist to get notified when another one was back in stock, b/c when I contacted them, they SWORE they would not be restocking/getting anymore.

    Then, they have their whole, City Chic is coming to Nordstrom event this weekend, and I see the SAME dress available for “presale” along with a few other things that they had had and sold out of “forever.”

    So I wonder, were those items they had in the winter just testing the waters? But it reminds me how often salespeople will just say “no” instead of “I don’t know” which I personally find irksome. I’ve called people out on more than one occasion when they try to pull the “it’s always been this way” card and I know for a fact it hasn’t.

    Whatevs, I got my dress that is now only available for pre-order sitting my my closet for half of what it would have cost me if I hadn’t stalked it down. Also got that blazer you had on in another post.

    1. Heheheh well, they are an australian brand, so we are behind them on seasons, which can be a good and interesting thing… I do believe the sales associate may not have known and they are good for bringing something back that worked out really well! SO who knows boo! 🙂

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