First Look: Youtheary Khmer Spring 2014 Viva Collection

I think this is Theary’s best collection yet. This contemporary plus size designer is on a road to give us something amazing, and I am here for all of this! But this is more than your fancy collection; there is also a goal behind this too! I will share more below, but can we talk about this Youtheary Khmer Spring 2014 Viva Collection?

Launching on March 24th, this VIVA Collection is “a modern twist on the traditional, offering a blend of soft pastels and vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium of elegance and femininity.”

Now if you have been following for a while, I shared with you the debut of this Atlanta-turned-Los-Angeles-based designer. She always gives us a little sexy, demure, bold, and playful approach to plus size fashion- pushing and breaking the “rules” imposed upon us! For this collection, she stays doing the same in such a refreshing and playful way!

First Look: Youtheary Khmer Spring 2014 Viva Collection

About the Viva Collection Inspiration:

In the VIVA Collection, there is no right or wrong, no restrictions. Treating color as a continually evolving palette to be used tonally or mixed together as the wearer chooses. Theary Sim applies fabrication and shape freely to suit need, without compromise.

Remember that goal I was telling you about? Well, Theary is simultaneously launching a brand expansion campaign on Donald Trump’s The Youtheary Khmer™ campaign “offers a number of desirable perks to donors, with the top award being the opportunity to work with Theary and co-design a signature collection that will carry the donor’s name!”

The campaign will launch on March 24th and run for the next 60 days at Fund Anything!


Make sure you also check out her site, Youtheary Khmer to learn more! Featuring the illustrious plus model Tinder, this collection is equal parts classy and sassy, bold and demure, sweet and spicy! I love the color palette and the options she is giving us with all of this lace! LOVE!

What do you think of the range? Do you see a few pieces that make you smile? I know I do! Let’s Talk about it!

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  1. Casey Sunich says

    How funny that I came across this post as I am in the middle of designing my own plus swimwear line and I have a bikini top almost exactly like that bralet!!! May have to buy one and compare when they come out!

  2. GP says

    I hope the small English town I live in is ready for the stellar combo of my unshaved body and those amazing bralet+skirt combos…

  3. Shasee says

    Omg..I can’t wait for this line..ATL..Bodacious Body Care (my business) excited..changing my image to meet the brand…

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