First Look: The Basics Collection by Zelie for She

The BLACK OUT Collection by Zelie for She

I love rocking out with the newest from independent plus size designers. I do! Especially when they were bloggers-turned-designers (we will see more of this coming soon!). I love seeing a woman build and establish her own empire and do it with no fear, with style, and extreme passion! Such is the case with Zelie for She!

Zelie for She, a brand we consistently feature and share is the baby of fashion blogger, Elann Zelie. Ever since she launched this range, I always find pieces from the collection that I need my curves in! Playful, sweet, edgy, and daring, Zelie for She offers accessible price points and fun fashion for the bold and playful, just like she is.

“New Collection called Black Out! Simple bodies and styles that can be mixed and match with your current wardrobe! This collection is all my style! This is what I love to wear daily. Spice it up with accessories and make it your own!”

So, when I got the deets on the latest range, I had to share with you the BLACK OUT Collection. I do love great basics. They serve as building blocks in your closet, allowing you to easily create and craft your own personal style. While we each have different styles and personalities to match, the type of basics and foundations don’t really sway that much, they just have different variations.

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So, let me share with you the latest from Zelie for She, so you can see what I mean:

The BLACK OUT Basics Collection by Zelie for She

See what I mean? There are a few gems here that could sit pretty in my overflowing closet. Seriously.

I can see myself in this black and white striped two piece. Mmmhmmm. Especially with the crop and stripes. But this Relaxed T-shirt dress with the ties? I can get with this one too. Even the maxi skirt with the ties at the bottom? I imagine this one to be a must while on vacay… there are options here that I can definitely dig!

You can pre-order the Zelie for She BLACK OUT Collection HERE!

But you have to move fast, as she DOES SELL OUT!

What do we think about the range? Is this something you can see yourself playing and rocking out in? How would you rock some of these pieces? I want to know! Also, Do not forget that sharing is caring!

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  1. I honestly love everything she does! Zelie for She is that perfect mix of wearable and affordable that you don’t often find with an indie designer. And each collection is so different. She’s definitely one to watch.

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