Celebrating 200k FB Fans- It is a Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with City Chic!

As you can tell, I am still hyped for all of you showing and giving love as we celebrate crossing the 200k FB Likes for TCF!!!! So to sweeten the giveaways, we are playing on the number 2 and today’s number? TWO THOUSAND. I mean, you know how we do it over here! I wanted to make sure I shared with you my most sincere thanks for rocking with me!  And today’s Giveaway? We celebrate with a Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with CITY CHIC!
It is a Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with City Chic

I have been a cheerleader for, supporter of, and closely connected to the brand for YEARSSSSSS. I ALWAYS love their items and have rocked with their fits and bra and panties for quite some time! And now as they start entering the USA, did you know City Chic is carried at Nordstrom and that they have a US site? Oh yes. They do. Today I want you to get acquainted with this contemporary plus size brand, City Chic.

With their recent news with being carried in 8 Nordstrom locations, being at the top of the spring season, and because I LOVE YOU, we have a fab giveaway for you to rock out with! But you have to move fast!!!

What is the Giveaway?

TWO READERS will score a $1000 Gift certificate to City Chic!

It is a Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with City Chic
Since we are all about celebrating our community growing, all of our giveaways will also celebrate the launch of our NEWLY LAUNCHED PLUS SIZE STYLE FORUM- #TCFSTYLE!

2 Readers Score with the Spring #TCFStyle Giveaway with City Chic!!

To enter, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the giveaway form below. The more actions you take, the more entries you earn! That easy!

If you are on your phone or iPad, please enter via this link!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


MOVE FAST! You have until Wednesday night, April 2nd at 11:59 p.m. to enter!

And here is a sneak peek of what is to come for City Chic Fall 2014!

Good luck and thank you for rocking with me!!!

PS. Don’t forget to enter the other giveaways on the blog as we celebrate!

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  1. Johanny Mejia says

    I love City Chic! Whenever I get something from there, I always get a ton of compliments on the piece. Right now, I’m in love with the Rose Mirror Dress and the Monet Garden Jacket.

  2. Kimberly M says

    I need $1,000 worth of dresses to take me through FFFWeek and a couple of photoshoots I have coming up. I really want to win this one!!!

  3. neikya says

    I really love the Miss Ditsy Dress and the Peacock Blossom dress! I’d love to get those if I won the $1,000!

  4. ryaanne73 says

    I love all the options available to curvy women these days. I am looking for a dress for a wedding this summer.

  5. Mónika Nagy says

    There’s so much I want :) Mirage Pleat Maxi Dress, Contrast Camilla Maxi, Ruffle Wrap Tunic, Birds On a Wire Top, Stud Shoulder Cardi awwww, so much awesomeness

  6. Christina Williams says

    I need a fabulous wardrobe to wear for my beach wedding/honeymoon this October. I LOVE the Printed One Shoulder Dress in Super Orchid. Imagining myself in the dress, no belt, barefoot, on the beach candlelight dinner with my husband. #dreamsdocometrue

  7. Beverly says

    I have always had great luck with City Chic! I would want a maxi dress and I love the aztec bandage dress!

  8. Tonya Peace says

    I would LOVE to win so that I can purchase my summer vacation wardrobe and some other Chic fashion. The Boardwalk dress is sooooo cute!! So much to choose from!!

  9. karenmsmith77 says

    So many beautiful things. I would love the Tahiti One Piece, the Petal Posey Wrap Dress, and the Diana Pleat Maxi Dress.

  10. says

    LOVE this. I need to get my grown up look together for networking events. And now that Spring is here, I’m starting fresh. I’ll definitely be checking out what City Chic has to offer.

  11. Vicky H. says

    The Scattered Jewels top is one of the few items on my wishlist. The others are their shorts and jeans because CC’s bottoms tend to fit me the best.

  12. Tabitha says

    I’ve been looking for a good/nice peplum top, so either the Textured Peplum Top and/or Neckplate Peplum Top.

  13. sam30317 says

    I literally shop at ONE plus size store because its fashion fits my age range the best. Im tired of wearing old clothing. Id love the opportunity to look more feminine and younger in the I Heart You Dress, Raining Violets Dress, the Oriental Short & the Neon Night Zip Front Pleat Tunic

  14. Josie Lee says

    Honestly, I would love to have all of them! LOL I really like the neckplate peplum top and the aztec bandage dress.

  15. Daisy C says

    Another chance to win some clothes? I’m seriously going to cry. Having not even 5 outfits to wear, going through their website, looking at clothes that I would surprisingly wear, I’m just getting teary. They’re all so amazing. That Spot Pinafore Dress is so amazing. I never knew such awesome clothes existed!

  16. Starkey says

    I’m adding some new work attire! It’s a struggle trying to find clothes that fit me perfectly especially as a curvy girl!

  17. Rachel Ann says

    This is the giveaway I NEED to win! I need to pump up my work wardrobe and I have my eye on the lace trim jacket, floral drape top, flocked floral dress, geo dancer dress, and zip front mirror dress!! Also eyeing some really fun items for Spring!

  18. kellywirt says

    Wooot! I need this so badly! This curvy lady’s work attire is less than fabulous right now. Help me change that!

  19. TaVonya Chanteau says

    Definitely drooling over the City Chic site and I’m looking for some cute dresses! One that caught my eye was the Peacock Blossom dress which will go PERFECT with these hills I just bought!!!!

  20. Jennifer Nordhavn says

    I love City Chic and want to add practically everything to my wardrobe! I love the Boardwalk dress, the Lace Swing dress, and I need new tops and jeans too!

  21. says

    Marie! Man this is a DOPE giveaway!!! As a recovering Tomboy, I’m trying to step up my dress game more. This year it seems like Spring stuff is returning to super femininity. I love it!

  22. Valencia Merrill says

    The Mirage Pleat maxi dress and the Aztec harem pants are just a couple of the must have items for me!

  23. Elizabeth says

    Wow – They have GREAT DRESSES. And Ima look good in all of em When I get that $1,000 Card. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks Maree

  24. says

    This is a SERIOUS prize! I have been eyeing City Chic for a while now, and would love to finally get a chance to dive in to their collection – the bold printed dresses are right up my alley :)

  25. Gigi Stillontop says

    I would love this haven’t brought anything new in almost 2 years since I’ve gained so much weight. But I’m so ready to look nice,again!!!

  26. says

    I would definitely start with the high-waist shorts, the lace armour tunic, the lace swing dress in two colors, the puff sleeve peplum dress, and ohmygod I have to have the sequin wrap dress!!!

  27. Constance Jordan says

    I love City Chic’s swimwear collection this year and the cover-ups. There is a printed kimono that I have my eye on as well as a ruffle tunic. Also a one shoulder drape dress that has been in my shopping bag for awhile now. LOL

  28. Kimberly says

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I am currently losing weight in preparation of the Summer and will need a whole new wardrobe.

  29. Natalie Boon says

    I like the Boardwalk dress, Nahlia jacket, Dragon kimono, Garden contrast jacket, Soft lace jacket..

  30. Marissa Williams says

    Once I win, I’m going to add the I Heart You Dress, the Boardwalk Dress and the Color Block Beach Maxi Dress! I love them!

  31. says

    What a fab giveway! I would love to add a few more City Chic dresses to my wardrobe — especially the Paisley Blues Maxi dress. Thanks, Marie and City Chic. x

  32. Carolina LaraS says

    I need a new wardrobe for school and work… and also for the summer!! pretty dresses!
    Wild Floral Dress, Flower Pop Dress, Floral Gem dress, Lacy Bradshaw dress, NECKPLATE PEPLUM TOP, BERMUDA TRIANGLE TOP, FUJI DREAM TOP, PASTEL MIRAGE TOP, FLUTTER PEPLUM TOP and a couple of jeans… ^_^

  33. Kelly C. says

    I NEED that Lux Lilac dress yesterday! Their dresses are stunning and would be a perfect addition to my spring and summer wardrobe!

  34. ToodalooKatie says

    Oh where to begin – I would replace all my jeans first, then move on to the Ikat Maxi dress, a couple of swim cover ups, oh and the drape goddess dress! So many gorgeous things!

  35. Dee.Sum says

    I love the city chic brand. And I would greatly appreciate the new clothing. Thanks for this opportunity.

  36. Nina says

    What an another awesome giveaway, I don’t own any city chic clothes but they have a great selection of clothes.

  37. Evie Foster says

    I am from Australia, so I have been wearing and adoring City Chic since day 1. I would definitely take advantage of the opportunity and grab some jeans. I have never found jeans that fit like City Chic jeans do, as well as some boots.. got to love City Chic staples. Also, I hope to be attending a few fashion events this June and would love the The Bradshaw Lace dress or similiar to rock. I am sure I will not have any problem spending $1000 at City Chic.

  38. Trudy Lynn Touchet says

    I am loving their dress selection, I especially love the Mirage Pleat Maxi. Their are so many great patterns and bright colors. Too many places think that curves need to be dressed drab, that is just so wrong.

  39. Saphirre says

    Congrats on your amazing Facebook following! Would love to take home a bunch of cute stuff from City Chic :)

  40. Sade says

    I love everything but particularly want new dresses, especially the Peacock Blossom Dress, One Shoulder Drape Dress and Tea House Dress.

  41. Yolanda R. Arrington says

    If I won… I would get the Ikat Rose Maxi Dress, Miss Ditsy Dress and the Lace Up Back Shirt! Very cute stuff.

  42. Cassadee Clements says

    I agree with most of the comments! I would like one of just about everything. If I were to win the gift card I would start by buying the Boardwalk dress! So cute

  43. Abbigail Ledford says

    I’ve been looking at City Chic for a while, but it always costs more money than I have! I would love to win this! I need some cute spring clothes!

  44. Azrielle de Vor says

    Oh my god, I have always wanted to win a City Chic comp! I become attached and obsessed with everything I see and I can never afford any of it :(

  45. Keyana Chamere says

    I just recently accepted a new position for my dream job so I’m excited for all of these beautiful dresses and funky suits!

  46. says

    I’m in desperate need of new clothes. All my yoga pants have holes in the crotch..and my jeans. I don’t even want to talk about it.

  47. Erica says

    I must have the Monaco Underwire One Piece Swimsuit! Wow!!! And then the Roll Waist Palazzo Pant and the Lace Trimmed Love Maxi Dress and the Mosaic Handkerchief Dress! There’s more but I could do this all day!

  48. Jackie Colón says

    I truly Love almost every single piece but WOW! That little ‘Peacock dress’ would be great for the spring and summer time ;) xoxo City Chic

  49. Jennae Petersen says

    Your giveaways = everything! There is so much to love from City Chic, but my favorite pieces are the harm pants in the swim section, the boyfriend jeans and wet look skinnies, the one-shoulder drape dress, and a bunch of tops :)

  50. Talina says

    I love that they have bootcut pear shaped jeans .so those plus the garden contrast jacket … any of the jackets that have the interesting prints.

  51. KarDasatyD says

    I love this site!! I graduate from undergrad in May and I found this gorgeous dress I’d love to wear and it would be the first thing in my cart, if I were to win this giveaway! City Chic has tons of beautiful clothing, I’m in <3 !!!!

  52. Tegan Stover says

    I would probably get the Apply Skinny Jeans Short, Classic High Waist Black Jeans, Super Hi Waist Knee Length Short, 7/8 Length Legging, and Lightweight Layering Top, among other things. My wardrobe is in serious need of an overhaul, especially for some pants that actually fit me properly and are flattering. It’s kind of embarrassing as it is right now…

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