13 Plus Size Retailers to Shop at On a Dime

13 Plus Size Retailers to Shop at On a Dime | The Curvy Fashionista

As we have been talking about the growth of plus size fashion, the new plus size segments in plus size fashion and the rise of contemporary fashion, interestingly enough, we also have more fast fashion and sample sale options to play in as well! I know a few of you (more than a few) have balked at the prices of various items and today I wanted to whet your fashion appetite with plus size designers and retailers who cater to your desires! Even more on time with the closing of Dots, brands liquidating and restructuring their doors!

13 Plus Size Retailers to Shop at On a Dime

13 Plus Size Retailers to Shop at On a Dime | The Curvy Fashionista

  1. ASOS– one of our go tos in plus size fashion, you are sure to get must haves as well as fashion staples for your closet!
  2. Ashely Stewart– Known for its varying style and playful frocks, Ashley Stewart is easy on the pocket and a great contender for your closet
  3. Boohoo– new to the Plus size fashion arena, UK Retailer is making waves in the plus size market, and you will be hearing more from them. Promise.
  4. Forever 21– Tried and true retailer who has vastly improved their offerings and fit since launch, Forever 21 is a site I am constantly checking for, for the latest trend looks.
  5. Torrid– Going through an interesting transition, Torrid is the home of my favorite jeans, really cute swim options, and shoes in wide widths- among quite a few other cool things!
  6. Target– Online, there are fab options and depending on your size, you can score some good finds in store, but they are on this list for the highly anticipated relaunch of their plus size line.
  7. Walmart When was the last time you checked out their online offerings? Don’t sleep on them, their online is wayyyy different than what you will find in store! Definitely worth a look! 
  8. Nordstrom RackI stay visiting them. Depending on your location, there are gems to be scored! You can cop shoes, plus size clothing, and accessories AND beauty deals! You can also NOW shop Nordstrom Rack online.
  9. Saks Off FifthNew to the online offerings, you can shop their outlet store online, including plus size options too! SO if you stalk your fave and wait and get lucky, who knows, it could end up here!
  10. HautelookAnother site I am on weekly. I think that I have a little bit of a problem here. LOL. From jewelry, to plus size clothing, to shoes? Definitely a place to score some crazy deals.
  11. AlloyI haven’t had the pleasure of shopping them, but there are a few cute finds in their junior plus size options. Skewed much younger, definitely somewhere to check out! 
  12. Wet SealRecently stepping into the junior plus size arena, Wet Seal has started to branch out online and in store with their plus size offerings.  Definitely worth a glance should you ever get the chance!
  13. Fashion to Figure– Another place to shop trends, this fast fashion retailer offers plus size fashion that is friendly to your pocket.
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This by no means is an exhaustive list, but one you can definitely reference on your shopping adventures! There are other Sample Sale Sites and plus size retailers and designers to shop from, I just  wanted to call out a few for your reference. 🙂


Tips for shopping on a dime:

Never buy “JUST” because it is on sale. Ask yourself, did you love it full price? Have you had your eye on it? If so, then snatch it up! Otherwise you will end up with a closet full of items you will never wear!

If you have the chance to go in store, try it on. Not just the size you think you are, but one up and one down. You never know how it will actually hang on your curves compared to the hanger.

In store, if there is something damaged, that can easily be repaired, do not hesitate to ask for 10-15% off. Usually that is the most an associate can do, but it never hurts to ask!

Think alterations. If you love it and it needs a few tweaks, never dismiss the length, the sleeves, or the fit in the waist. Take it to your loving and talented tailor and have It reworked just for you!

Lastly, when you are shopping, make sure you know what is already in your closet. SO if that means you need to take inventory (perfect time at the start of the new season), then do it to prevent five black shift dresses from sitting there, staring you in the face!

What do we think… have you heard of all of them? Do you have a few favorites that I didn’t mention? Don’t forget sharing is caring! Share this with your homegirls who stay looking for places to shop!

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  1. Don’t rule out Zulilly either. They have 2 to 3 plus size boutiques every day. Some of it is SOS and you really have to look, but I’ve gotten some great pieces there for not very much $$$. The problem is it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get your stuff AND it’s not returnable, so shop carefully. I’m about to try Ashley Stewart. They have a big retail store in Atlantic City. May go give it a look see. Will be visiting these others you have suggested, too. Thanks, Marie!

  2. Ladies shopping some of these retailers and online boutiques may also want to keep in mind that some of them sell Junior Plus and sizing can vary greatly than regular plus.

  3. Glad to hear Nordstrom Rack finally put their plus sizes online. I’ve visited several Nordstrom Rack stores in the L.A. area over the years and was always discouraged by the VERY small selection of plus sizes I found. I recall visiting the one in Glendale many years ago and seeing one size 16 item, a tent-like pepto-pink long sleeved t-shirt. They had 3 of them on the rack, but that’s it. Maybe I’ll give them another chance online.

  4. I’m loving pinkclove.co.uk for great casual wear and trendy prints right now! I also am soooo glad you mentioned Ashley Stewart! They just hit a rough patch and I need them to stay around bc they offer the best selection of plus size clothing for the office! 🙂 Not too trendy, but not too granny!

  5. Sorry, when Target pretty much has ZERO plus size options in their stores, I just don’t feel it should be on the list. The store’s selection has been getting worse and worse for years now to the point where the Maternity Section in the stores around here were MUCH larger. Now the stores basically have NOTHING. I don’t give a darn if the website has options–it’s pretty dang apparent that Target completely disregards their plus size customers!
    Not to mention their snafu with a dress in plus sizes in “Manatee Grey” and the same dress in Junior Sizes (same color) being “Dark Heather Grey”.
    Add in the incredibly bad photo shopping to provide their models “thigh gaps”.
    Or how about when they use an obviously pregnant model to show their plus size clothing on their website (as if there’s no difference between being plus size and being pregnant.
    I’ve been a long time shopper of Target, but it’s obvious that they don’t regard me (at my size) as a valued customer and I’ll spend my $$ elsewhere…

  6. Alloy is not a good choice for Plus size, the 3x I ordered was a size 12. I do a lot of shopping @ Macy’s. They have great selections & good sales. Sometimes you can get additional savings on sale items. I also like to shop at Modcloth. Everything I’ve bought has fit perfectly, no alterations required. That’s big for me because I always have to what I buy. Looking forward trying out the sites you have recommended. Thanks!

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