I Really Love My Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Deep Orchid

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick

So, a few of you had asked about this lipstick I have been rocking lately, this really deep purple. I do have a thing for deep lipsticks! Well, right now, I only have the sample and have watched it like a hawk since I got it! You see, my godmother is an AVON Rep. So, for Christmas, she usually throws in our stockings various gifts and trinkets from the brand… usually, I have been like, meh no biggie… until this last Christmas.

Until I got this lipstick sample from AVON. HOMIGAWD. IN LOVE. The Totally Kissable Lipstick in Deep Orchid is probably my everlasting favorite lipstick of all time. But first, let me rewind.

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick

My journey with lipstick colors has been a funny one. I remember not even rocking a lip color, for reals, until I hung out with fairy blog sister Lianne, The Makeup Girl during New York Fashion Week. Taking me under her wing, she took me to a few fabulous beauty events. This is where I met Felicia from ThisThatBeauty who challenged me and opened my eyes. Both of them spawned my obsession into bold lips. And I am happy about this.

I went on a venture into finding the perfect red lipstick for my complexion. Then from red, I went into purples and plums, landing me with this FABULOUS score, thanks to my Godmother, Pauline!

So let me tell you why I love My Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Deep Orchid:

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Deep Orchid review on The Curvy Fashionista

It is HIGHLY Pigmented. As a woman of color, I cannot tell you how many times I have seen liners, lipsticks, and shadows look fabulous in its applicator but when I go to put it on, it is either ashy, pastel, or nonexistent on me. NOT THIS ONE! What you see is what you get with this Deep Orchid color. OHHH! Hyped!

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My lips felt Instantly Moisturized, Velvety Smooth and Soft. I know this sounds crazy, but some lipsticks I have tried are either really dry feeling, too greasy and all over the place, or sticky. Pardon my word choice; I am no makeup blogger, just one who obsesses over them…  So, bear with me here.

It lasted a good long time. I mean… like I ate a meal, chatted up the homies, played around some more and the color was still there. AND even when I did go to reapply, the lipstick did not cake or flake, or make my lips feel dry. For a few hours, my lips were amazing. I felt bold. I felt sexy. My lips felt divine.

So yes, I love this lipstick and do not be surprised if you continue to see me rocking this lippie! Oh, and can you believe that it is from AVON? This find had me rethinking my whole life. I have seriously been missing out.

If this color is too dark or bold for you, no worries, there are options! 16 to be exact! Sixteen hues to play in! See below:

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick

While I was on the AVON site purchasing tubes of my new uber fave, I snatched up the brow set, a few liners, and another color to play in. I mean hey… why not?

Shop the Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick colors here!

I have my Godmother to thank for this new color obsession!

What about you? DO you love this lippie? Can you see yourself in this one? No? Well, what color? Better yet, when was the last time you shopped AVON? I am over the moon here… Let’s discuss below!

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Comments (13)

  1. Beautiful!!! I love “Decadence” (also a rich purple by Avon) and actually just ran out 🙁 I’m not sure that they sell it anymore… I’ll be checking out the link! Thanks hun!

    1. I sold Avon for years, after they revamped it.That was my favorite color from Avon, I’m thinking that deep orchid is the replacement color, but people should check it out. Avon has some amazing products now.

  2. That shade of lipstick looks fab on you! My favorite lipstick ever was Revlon’s Dune Rose shade, which they discontinued several years ago. It was a soft, slightly pearlescent red, with a slight rose/pink undertone. Perfect for my skin tone and weird lip shape. Whenever I wear very matte, bright lipsticks, they tend to call attention to my uneven lips, so I tend to prefer softer, slightly pearlescent but intense colors, and Dune Rose was it. Revlon’s parent company, Estee Lauder, now makes a shade called Dune Rose, but it’s completely different from the Revlon shade, not red at all, but a pale, wimpy rose pink. Boring, imo.

    I’ve spent long years searching for similar shades and the closest I’ve come so far is Nars’ shade Flair, which is a slightly darker, more berry-red tone, and one of my favorite lipsticks right now. Not inexpensive, though, at $24 per tube. Bare Minerals made a similar shade called Italian Ice that I also love, a slightly more coral/soft red shade, but they’ve sadly discontinued it now. I’ve also had some luck with MAC lipsticks, my two favorite shades being Viva Glam IV, a more mauve-toned soft red, and New York Apple, a pearlescent soft blue-red with pink undertones. L’oreal made a similar shade for their “celebrity” lipstick line – Andie MacDowell’s Rose Carmine shade was a slightly pinker version of New York Apple. I don’t see them in the drugstore any more, however, so I’m glad I bought a few tubes. Another favorite shade is MAC’s Dubonnet, an intense, rich wine red that’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s more of an evening shade, not something I’d wear every day to work, although I have worn it occasionally when I’m wearing something with a similar red shade in it.

    …Can you tell I spend WAYYY too much time thinking about lipstick?

  3. ah i love that i got my from sephora a lot like that man i bet it was cheaper. I will look into it now!!! i order online anyway. thats a great shade on you. light pink would work on you too.

      1. Yes people try to stay away because it looks tacky its not the case if you mix it and apply it correctly. Maybelle number 905 is a great start. It’s brazen berry

  4. I tell you, people be sleeping on Avon!! I’m obsessed with their cream blushes.

    That color is gorgeous! I hate when lip colors don’t show up well on our dark skin. I’ve been having a lot of that with lip glosses lately. 🙁

    I actually have one of those in Lovey Dovey. The lipstick is great but the color a tad too light for me. My favorite lip color right now is CoverGirl LipPerfection Lip Color in Tempt. The pigmentation is ah-mazing! I have a few other shades too!

  5. At first ’twas a risky wearing such color and walking around, but after having guts to give a shot, I can’t help but play with the shades; I bet experimenting with avon products is amazing. I got that shade too, by the way try chocoloxidant; you’ll like it.

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