Plus Size News Roundup 2.22.14

Plus Size Fashion and Industry News

Did you miss some of the plus size headlines this week? Check out a recap of this week’s best plus size news stories.

Plus Size Fashion and Industry News

  • New York Fashion Week just wrapped last week and there was some buzz around IMG Model’s inclusion of plus size models in its show packages to designers as well as buzz around DKNY featuring curvy “Real” women in its fashion show. But, the fashion runway industry has a long way to go to including plus size models. Plus model Julie Henderson says, “A lot of designers told me they really liked meeting with me, but just didn’t have the clothes to fit me yet”. *BLANK STARE* These designers need to live in the real world. Read more about the reasons behind the lack of plus size runway models being utilized at Cosmopolitan Magazine.
  • Refinery 29 shares plus size fashion gripes that plus size women have. It is a very great read and we agree with it all!
  • British Plus Size Fashion Weekend went down recently and apparently there were some fashion looks that caused a few few second looks. Bustle breaks down the major fashion don’ts for all women, especially those with curves. It’s not about hating on one’s style it’s about tastefulness and flattery. These are some great fashion rules to live by.
  • In honor of Black History Month, StyleBlazer breaks down some of the legendary fashion moments in Black history. See some great fashion moments from Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Billie Holiday and more.
  • Getting married soon? You’re going to need that pefect dress. Finding that dream gown in plus sizes can be daunting. Plus Model Magazine has 7 bridal designers that design for plus sizes!
  • Gabourey Sidibe is inspiring for her ability to keep her confidence and love her body no matter what all these haters throw at her. Dealing with the pressure to be thin in Hollywood is hard even when you’re a size 4, let alone when you are plus size. Gabourey will continue to inspire confidence in young girls and women by launching her non-profit organization that will help ladies to love who they are. *KUDOS*
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ELOQUII IS BACK: Shop The New Eloquii Now

  • ELOQUII IS BACK! Remember Eloquii? The plus size fashion brand that was owned by Limited Brands that launched and then closed within a year? They are back and their new collection is AMAZING. Peep the first look at the new collection and the new site.
  • The right bra is so important. The girls must have support and must be looking right! Bulges and sagging isn’t cute. And you can never have too many bras right? Check out 5 places to shop for full figured bras.
  • New video! Plus size women are not created equal. We come in ALL shapes and sizes and have a variety of needs and wants. Watch Marie break it down in the latest video.

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Photo Credits: Cosmopolitan, Daily Venus Diva, Eloquii

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  1. I am so glad that there are places where we can go and not feel bad for being exactly who we are. Thank you for your blog and I truly appreciate all your work. This is the good part of social media.

  2. I just saw a sign at the dressing room area at Target that says they are going to be opening a new plus size department soon. Does any one know anything about this????

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