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Ask the Reader: What is Your Favorite Fashion Tip?

As we head into the spring season (yes, I know… snow) we are readying our closets for the newness, imagining our curves in the latest trends, purging our closets of the items we NEVER ever, ever, wear. In addition to this, if you are anything like me, you tell yourself you will be daring, step outside your box, try new things, and explore new shapes and silhouettes! But in order to do this, you rely on your favorite fashion tips- right?

I mean, we all have a few tips and tricks that we have found along the way, that regardless of the season, trend, or occasion that have affected our choices… but I have always wondered what these tips are that we follow?

Ask the Reader: What is Your Favorite Fashion Tip?

Well today, I thought I would start a fun discussion with you to hear what tips have really helped you along your fashion journey! Who knows, one of your tips could help another woman reading!

For me… I think my favorite fashion tip came from my mom:

“Wear what makes you feel amazing”

Growing up, my mother was in the military, 5’9” with big boobs and legs (hehehe). She always carried herself as a strong and confident woman. When she dressed up, I always watched in awe… and now, at times, I find myself looking for that same feeling when I get dressed. The “amazing” part will always vary from comfortable, classy, sexy, or sassy. I am grateful for this.

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So now I ask you:

What is YOUR favorite Fashion Tip?

Are they empowering you? Are they holding you back? Are they liberating and inspiring? Did it come from the blog? Your mother? Your Friend? Your loved one? Leave your tip below!

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