A Valentine’s Day Curvy Couture Plus Size Lingerie Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Curvy Couture Plus Size Lingerie Giveaway

With Valentine’s right around the corner, I wanted to do something fun with you guys. It is a new year and the perfect time to do some new things… SO I was thinking to myself… wouldn’t it be cool to hook up one of the readers with a fabulous giveaway right in time for Valentine’s Day?

So what would get me… you excited?

I mean… how cool would it be to hook one of yall up with not one set, but FIVE sets of bras and matching panties from segzy plus size lingerie brand, Curvy CoutureAre you familiar? I just shared a post the other day about Breaking up with your Bra, by Curvy Couture… this new comer to the scene is no stranger with lingerie. The owner has won many awards and is behind a few favorite bras of yours already! YUP!

MMHHMMM. That is it.

One lucky reader will not only receive FIVE sets, BUT also a Curvy Couture Beauty Kit AND $100 to spend at Curvy Couture!

What sets? The Mystique Floral, French Floral, Animal Attraction Balconette, the Cabaret Lace Set and the Perfect Plunge set!

Valentine’s Day Curvy Couture Plus Size Lingerie Giveaway

Cool right?

A  Valentine’s Day Curvy Couture Plus Size Lingerie Giveaway

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Well, in order to enter, here are the rules:

  • Follow the steps in the form above. For each action you take, you earn entry points! The more actions, the more entries!
  • Just an FYI, This contest is open to those in the US.
  • You must be at least 18 to enter
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Are you ready to enter? Let’s Go!

Good Luck!

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Comments (152)

  1. I’ve never had lingerie like this, and I know my boyfriend would love it. So would I! Would be an amazing ego boost to see his face when I wear it.

  2. I can never find cute sets in my size in store! Whenever I purchase a bra that is a good fitting one I try & find a panty that is the closest in color/print as possible! These sets are the cutest!!

  3. I just recently indulged in some new lingerie for Valentines Day. Super sexy! I love the mystique floral collection its super cute and my style and their “After Dark” collection is for he and I! Love it! #embraceursexy

  4. It has been way too long since i have bought cute sets like these for myself. Being a law student can really slow your status as a consumer down…lol But all of these are super sexy. I think my favorite is the Animal Print #grrrr

  5. I love this giveaway! I haven’t bought pretty lingerie in years because it is hard to find and often expensive. This is a great and fun giveaway – Thanks!!! I don’t know how to choice a favorite set though, it is so exciting to see pretty bras in big sizes. I am a sucker for a balconette though, so that’s my choice!

  6. I hadn’t bought any lingerie because it will be my first time ever buying sexy lingerie. But so far I’m liking the Mystique Floral set.

  7. Hmm. I have not bought cute lingerie since before I got pregnant, so it has been at least two years. I would love some new lingerie that fits!

  8. This would make me happy! I think if every woman had a great set of lingerie underneath their clothes they’d automatically feel sexy or beautiful!

  9. I’m definitely loving the Animal Attraction as well as the Cabaret!!!! I’ve only bought cute lingerie maybe twice!

  10. wow, this is an awesome giveaway!

    My faves: French Floral Unlined Underwire Bra, All Over Lace Full Coverage bra, and signature hipster (in every color!) LOVE.

  11. I tend to indulge often on nice panties and bras… In my opinion you can never have enough (especially if you are extremely top heavy, like me). My most recent purchase was three weeks ago. I am really digging the mystique floral set. It will be great for spring and adds a nice hint of sexy meets sophisticated.

  12. My fave is definitely the Cabaret Lace Plunge Bra! It’s so gorgeous and def perfect for VDay. I’ve only recently bought myself some nice bras, when I found out I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size all my life. Definitely need to revamp my bra wardrobe.

  13. Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time that I bought cute lingerie. But I love all of them especially the French Floral and the Cabaret!

  14. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve indulged…I’m so overdue. But the Cabaret Lace set looks real seductive and saucy!!!! #CatsMeow

  15. I am in a long distance relationship and I love to wear feminine lingerie and skype with my boyfriend. Its always nice to have a variety of colors and styles so I really look Hot, Thank you Curvy Fashionista!

  16. I can’t remember the last time I indulged in some fancy lingerie sets. I’m loving the Mystique Floral Plunge Balconette. A good balconette always makes the girls look great! 🙂

  17. I have not indulged in a long time…. money is very scarce around here so only the essentials.. this girl loves the pretty things

  18. I’ve never owned a complete lingerie set, I think I’ve always been hesitant to spoil myself as they seem like an indulgence. The Mystique Floral one from Curvy Coutoure above might be my fave of the 5 – so pretty!

  19. I’ve never worn Curvy Couture before but I love the look of their pieces. Its really amazing that they’ve created beautiful and sexy pieces of lingerie for plus-size women!

  20. I need new lovelies, I only have very ordinary bras.. boring! Luxe Cotton may look almost plain everyday yet it has that little bit of lace and styling that is soooo sweet. Or maybe the French Floral as a set– something i have never owned. Swooon… lovely!

  21. Haven’t had any new fancy lingerie in a long while. Love the Animal Attraction series! Especially the Animal Attraction Perfect Plunge Bra, which I’d match with a black pair of signature hipster panties.

  22. I have never purchased or worn lingerie. Always been too insecure about the way I look and uncomfortable in my own sexuality and femininity. That is changing slowly, but my budget doesnt allow for much of anything other than 5 for $20 panties and bras from Cacique. I wear a 40H, so when I see a bra in my size that isnt going to bankrupt me… i have to get it.
    I love Curvy Couture’s french floral pieces, theyre feminine, Black and tastefully sexy.

  23. They are all so beautiful, but I think my absolute favorite is the Mystique Floral set. Really stunning. I never purchase lingerie for myself as I need to shop sales, and be very practical, but imagine that wearing such beautiful under things would put a serious pep in my step. Good luck everyone!

  24. I’ve never purchased lingerie before but have always found it sexy. I realize I don’t have to have someone to wear it for, I can wear it for myself to make me feel sexy. I love the mystique floral, it has the perfect combo of femininity and sexy. I also like the cabaret lace set. The plunge bra set is fantastic for regular use and giving you that extra oomph and confidence in a tshirt.

  25. The things I’d do for some quality for the girls. Sigh! A girl can dream about 5 sets of gorgeous bra and panty sets. I’m especially enamored with Animal Attraction Balconett

  26. I feel pretty, oh, so pretty, I feel pretty like dancing for joy. . . Oh, yeah! I really like the French floral. It’s a set I could enjoy beneath a beautiful ensemble or just around the house adoring myself. <3

  27. I’m preggo and I’m missing my pretty undergarments! This would be a good treat for me (and the hubby *wink wink*) once our little bundle arrives!

  28. Cabaret set is super cute! Thanks for enouraging the curvy girl to all things cute!! I did a professional fitting in November and found a few new nice options!!

  29. I usually don’t buy things like this, because I’m so self conscious. However, I bought a beautiful velvet corset from Hip and Curves and it’s helping me gain confidence!

    I love the True Romance-Mystique Floral collection and the After Dark-Cabaret Lace from Curvy Couture!

  30. Sadly it has been a long time – long enough that I have gained some weight and my bras do not fit correctly 🙁 I love the Bella Lace Balconette Bra it is so gorgeous!

  31. I love the Animal Attraction Balconette and the French Floral! It’s been a few years since I splurged on some fancy lingerie.

  32. I haven’t indulged in a *nice* set in a long time.
    I really love the “Perfect Plunge” set as something I could wear without it being a fancy occasion.

  33. I don’t think I’ve ever formally indulged in a lingerie purchase. Just picked up bits and pieces here and there on sale.

  34. These would be the perfect addition to my lingerie collection & a surprise that would drive my husband wild…especially the cabaret set.

  35. I usually just do the Kohl’s thing for my lingerie 🙁 I could definitely do with broadening my horizons… especially since I will have a man for VDay this year!!!

  36. Just what I need…some new undies! Haven’t bought a new set in YEARS *hangs head in shame* Hubs would love it if I won this giveaway #newlywedflow LOL

    The Balconette is my fave. Who am I kidding, I love them all!!

  37. I havent wore any kind of lingerie YET but im lookin forward to it. nd im pretty much in love with anything with animal print.

  38. I have been looking for a new company to get quality lingerie from…this would be the perfect opportunity to try and with such great choices, too. Very nice.

  39. I have just started loving my body and your blog has just introduced me to Curvy Couture. So what better time than now to get this beautiful lingerie!!!

  40. The French Floral Hipster with the French Floral Unlined Underwire and the Love Affair Hipster with the Love Affair Plunging Balconette and the

    Love Affair Unlined Underwire.

  41. I really need some cute things! I just got new breasts, literally! I used to be a 42J, I am now right around a DDD, I would love to get some!!

  42. hmm I have one bra that fits because my size is odd… so I have one bra.. my struggle is real.. and these bras would be down right epic .

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