Plus Size Swim: Sorella Swim 2014 Collection

Plus Size Swim: Sorella Swim 2014 Collection on The Curvy Fashionista

Yes, it is in the middle of winter. BUT, new collections are still dropping and from last week’s swimwear post, you are ready for it! Have you hear of Sorella Swim? This plus size swimwear company is no stranger to the Curvy Fashionista. I have a few pieces from this collection and as the newest collections started hitting the web, I wanted to share with you the latest from this California based plus size company!

Plus Size Swim: Sorella Swim 2014 Collection on The Curvy Fashionista

One of the things I do love about the brand is the luxe feel and styling of the range. I immediately feel as if I should be sipping on a fancy fruity drink on the deck of some pool or off the coast of some beach. Trust in my future jaunt to Puerto Rico, I will be in a piece or two from this collection!

So let me show you a few faves from the Sorella Swim 2014 Collection!

Sorella Swim 2014 Collection

About Sorealla Swim:

Designer Jessica Petersen launched Sorella Swim with a simple goal not yet achieved by any other brand: Provide full-figured beauties with luxe, timelessly fashionable bathing suits that camouflage certain areas, accentuate others, and are comfortable enough to leave on all day.

Do you see why I am intrigued and in love?  I must add that this collection gives wonderful support in the bustline. The girls are supported, at least for me, a 38 DD! If you are curious about the sizing, please check out the Sorella Swim Size Chart here!

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Do you like what you see? Well, you can start shopping the collection now, at Sorella Swim!

I am excited about this range, are you? Leave me your thoughts and let’s talk about it!

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  1. the only one i really like is the gold one. its kinda mad because even the only one piece i like (the rita one piece) i wont be able to fit the biggest size on top they tend to be small. but id try the gold one and hold the back of it and not make sudden moves lol i like it that much lol

      1. That’s what I usually do just get the swimwear from the same brands my bras are. I need to shop more at swimsuits for all. Thx a bunch

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