New Video: Five Essential Pieces for Your Closet

As we get ready for a new season, I wanted to chat with you about my latest video and something that is key to building your closet- so that you always have something to wear. You know what I mean! But in order to have a kick ass closet, it is important to build your wardrobe on a few great essentials… and while I have your attention, let’s talk about it!!

New Video: Five Essential Pieces for Your Closet

There is always more than five pieces, but these are THE five I think that is a great place to start! Yes? Highlighted in the video:

  1. A Great Fitting BraLane Bryant Cacique Plunge Bra. You can check out more plus size bras featured on the blog here.
  2. That Perfect Pair of Denim– Torrid Stiletto Jeans. Check out our Denim 101 post for the essentials of a great pair of jeans!
  3. LBD/ Little BOLD DressAsos Curve Black Dress, Igigi Felina Dress. Looking for a great plus size dress? We are always featuring them here!
  4. A SuitSejour Grey Suiting Jacket and Suiting Pants. Need more plus size wear to work posts? There you go!
  5. A White Blouse– Simply Be White Blouse

Which essentials do you have in your closet? Which ones are you have the darndest time finding? Make sure you check out the links (in teal) and dig a bit deeper! There are all kind of gems to be found in there!

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My Question of the Week-

I was asked about where to shop in what cities… did you know that I have a boutique directory? YEP! I have a Plus Size Boutique directory and you can check it out here!

Note: It is for US Plus Size Boutiques and for those ONLY with a physical location! Is this you and you want to be listed? Well, please fill out the ‘submit your listing’ here!

Ohhh and of COURSE, blogger love to From Rez to the City! Heyyyy girl Hayyy! She is fierce, peep her style!

From Rez to the City Blogger Love on The Curvy Fashionista

I realized, or I have decided, I am going to switch locations in doing my videos- maybe in front of my desk? Maybe this will be better! LOLOL….

What do you think of my video?  What would you like to see more of? Help me help you!

Do you have a question you would like answered in my video? Leave a comment!

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  1. Didn’t even notice until you mentioned your location… you’re in bed! I guess a desk would be more “workmanlike”. lol

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