New Plus Size Swim Designer: Josephine Swim

Um. I am ALWAYS here for NEW plus size designers. Better than that? NEW plus size SWIM designers! I mean, having options on the beach, next to the pool, or on vacation is always fabulous (especially since I will be in Puerto Rico this April!). When I got tipped to the NEW plus size designer, Josephine Swim, I knew that I had to share this with you STAT!

“We also aim to inspire women to travel, explore the world, and swim in the best waters.”

Plus size Designer Josephine Swim on The Curvy Fashionista

Who is this new designer? Launching TODAY, Josephine Swim is a “luxury swimwear and lifestyle company dedicated to creating perfect swimwear for the modern curvy woman.” Because they agree that a woman’s size should never define or confine her swimsuit options, they created this really cool range of swimwear options for US in mind!

I mean, because we all do not want to wear basic black one piece swimsuits. They do serve a great purpose, but for those of us, who want MORE, Josephine Swim gives us those options and I am hyped to share them with you, thanks to Essie Golden for the hat tip!

New Plus Size Swim Designer: Josephine Swim

“I look forward to the day when the biggest decision I have to make is what cocktail I’m going to sip on while lying on the beach all day.” Josephine Swim

Made and fashioned in New York City, Josephine Swim offers swim in sizes 10 (0X) through size 24 (3X)! You can check out the size chart here! Stay tuned to the site today, a sthey will open online shopping any moment NOW!

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Visit Josephine Swim to shop and learn more, but you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

How cool is this? Are there favorites that you see that you need? Let me know!

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