#TCFTurns5 Giveaways: Winterize Your Handbag with Ricola

As the seasons change, so do our handbags (at least for me!). I swap out or put in my bag items that are necessary for winter (yeah, I know, I am in Cali, how much winter could I have?)! I switch out or add in my lotions, lip balm, and of course, cough drops. I wish I was more ready than I was this time last year, cause… I was wounded for my blog anniversary party! LOL.

I have switched to my new Koret handbag, added in my must haves for winter weathers and now, I got my tools, my essentials and today I add in a new one!

Did you know that Ricola, the “leading manufacturer of soothing herb drops from Switzerland,” has added a new product to its line? They have this new “Extra Strength” option for powerful cough relief, just in time for me to winterize my handbag!

Winterize my handbag? You betcha!

Winterize Your Handbag with Ricola

This is how I have winterized my handbag:

  • Switched to my new Koret bag- Chic and sophisticated boo!
  • Snatched up my Perlier Shea Butter Hand Cream (this is AMAZING)
  • My Starbucks after coffee mints- I love these. Actually, I love Starbucks anything…
  • My Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy with SPF 20. No chapped lips here!
  • Tissue please! You never know!

And now, I add my Extra Strength Ricola for those pesky moments- I NEED TO BE READY. I cannot be loading up on medicine the day of my party… I CANNOT. It was such a fog…

Winterize Your Handbag with Ricola

ANDDDD For today’s TCFTurns5 Giveaway, YOU get to show off too! Show US or TELL US HOW you winterize your handbag and one lucky reader will score a Ricola Prize pack AND $100 Visa or MasterCard to shop!


BUT, you have to move Fast! This Giveaway ends on Weds, December 18th at 11:59 Pm PST!

Follow the steps below to enter! The more actions, the more entries you get!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Remember, the Giveaway ends Weds, December 18th at 11:59 Pm PST!

PS. Make sure you enter the other #TCFTurns5 Giveaways on the blog right now!


This was a sponsored giveaway with Ricola and

 what’s in my purse and my opinions are all mine…

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  • Tina Helmke Hallberg

    I carry a tube of Eucerin Aquafor with me at all times, as well as some tissues. And, of course, I swap my summer lipsticks for my sultry winter colors! :-)

  • guyanesesista

    Hmmmm. How do I winterize my handbag? I make sure I have a small jar of vaseline. I use it as a lip balm and to take away the ash on my elbows. That’s about it. I’m very minimal about this stuff.

  • Crystal C

    I like to keep on hand some wet ones, sugar free mints, cherry flavored chapstick and fragrance free hand lotion.

  • Tandy Burnam

    Tissues, my little Eos lip balm, cough drops, my Starbucks gift card pre-loaded, and plenty of hand sanitizing wipes! Because why is it sick folks love to get more close during flu season? Have to keep yourselves protected!

  • Elizabeth

    A mini Kiehl’s, an Occitane, tissues – and of course lots of lip stick and gloss! That and mini tissues!

  • mami2jcn

    I add tissues, chapstick, hand sanitizer, and lotion.

    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

  • Ashley Simmons

    I add chapstick, tissue packages and scarves to my purse :)

    With Love,

  • Kayla Pingree

    I always keep hand lotion in my purse, and lip gloss. Winter= cracked, blistered, bleeding dry skin. Gold Bond lotion is the best for me, but any lotion will do!

  • http://www.bookish-brunette.com/ Danie

    Lots and lots of chapstick!

  • Rachel G

    Definitely add the intensive hand cream, an extra pair of gloves, and tissues!

  • sarahfina

    The most important thing here in rainy Seattle is that I keep a mini umbrella in my purse at all times.

  • Je Tuan

    Lotion, tissue, and lip balm (baby lips is a must!)

  • Constance Jordan

    I add an additional antibacterial from Bath and Body Works (kill bacteria and smell good), Kleenex, Skin So Soft Hand Cream from Avon (non-greasy and soooo moisturizing), Vaseline Lip Balm or Baby LIps, Peppermint, Vitamin C

  • http://ichoosethesun.com/ ichoosethesun

    Plenty of moisturizer & lip balm.

  • Kirsten

    I always add a pack of tissue for the winter, can’t be walking around dripping about the nose. The winters are harsh here in Cleveland so these Ricolas will come in handy in my handbag.

  • Whitney ‘Nic’ James

    Tissue, lip balm, Vaseline, and gloves are a must for my bag in the winter!

  • MilaXX

    Tissues, lip balm and some type of lozenge like Ricola honey lemon

  • Courtney C♡

    Lots of lip balm, hand cream, face moisturizer and of course a bag full of cough drops.

  • Sherrie Wood

    Hand sanitizer, tissues, lip balm,shea butter lotion and cough drops

  • nthn2wear .

    Sanitizer, airborne gummies, Emercen C, Kleenex, scarf and gloves

  • Thomas Murphy

    I carry gloves in the winter.

  • Melissa Fox

    I add neuotrogena hand cream, tissues, and honey lemon cough drops.

  • Erika926

    Peppermints, hand sanitizer, Carmex, & shea butter lotion.

  • Wendy G

    I have to have a great pair of sun glasses,a great pair of gloves, chapstick, and some Rio Rumberry lotion from BBW.

  • http://mymanualofstyle.tumblr.com/ My Manual of Style

    Lip balm in every bag! And a pair of warm gloves :-)

  • Kim Jones

    Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is a MUST and I keep my cute little ear muff beanie.

  • Lisa Brown

    i keep vaseline with me in a tube for the very cold weather. Always have sunglasses and gloves.

  • Andrina G

    I carry lotion with me and baby wipes.

  • Whitley Brooks

    Tissue, lip balm, gloves and hand cream are musts!

  • Jessie

    Gloves and a hat are my go-to! I’m super forgetful about grabbing them before I leave the house.

  • JessieC

    I add gloves, cashmere wrap, shea butter cream and Riocla to get ready.

  • Elena

    I add lip balm and gloves

  • stephanie

    lip gloss

  • Dawn Monroe

    I always add a pair of gloves and tissues.

  • Chastiti Penchion

    I add socks, yes socks, sanitizer tissue for the kiddo and lotion.

  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    I Add Tissues, Chapstick, Cough Drops, Gloves, Lotion

  • Sadie

    I add tissues, cough drops and chapstick.

  • Danielle F.

    I add a pack of tissues, hand cream, lip balm & an extra pair of gloves.

  • Shelley

    I add lip gloss and handcream!

  • mf

    gloves and tissues

  • Mahdi Martin

    I always keep Softlips lip balm and about ten other lip products in my purse. My lips must never be dry!

  • Lulu

    Lip balm and hand cream, plus eucaliptus caramels)

  • neiddy

    Lip balm, hand lotion and sanitizer, tissues and mints are a must
    Leidy R rafflecopter form

  • An Cus

    I can’t say Ricola is my number one favorite, but they do hold steady at the #2 spot. I keep a purse full of everything. I actually did a what’s in your purse bingo game for brunch! I have emergency carmax, cough drops, shoes etc.

  • luckycharmer

    Tissues! Hand Sanitizer! It’s not sexy, but I do my best to avoid picking up any winter germs. I also add Carmex (tried and true), a hat I knitted last winter (only for emergencies… I get severe hat hair), and everything goes into a handmade brocade bag by Avril’s Designs.

  • http://justjauntyforme.blogspot.com/ Michelle from JustJaunty

    Cough drops and hand sanitizer! I work in a library so there are germs all around! lol I also just added gloves. It’s getting pretty cold :)

  • Frances

    Some Lip Chap, Lotion, Tissue, peppermints, (Cough Drops)

  • Ally

    I’m an actor and a singer so taking care of myself during the winter is crucial, especially now when I’m in a performance. So I’ve winterized my purse by carrying my favorite Honey-Lemon Ricola’s, tissues, hand sanitizer, tea bags, mints, The Body Shop hand lotion and chapstick and an extra pair of gloves.

  • Rayray Cartucci

    I carry chapstick,peppermints,tissues,Ricola really are my favorite cough drops I like the honey lemon ones best and I carry antibacterial sanitizer.

  • Jessica

    I add gloves and chap stick

  • latanya t

    carmex lip balm, eucerin hand lotion and sanitizer

  • Wendy Elliott Lindsey

    Hand sanitizer, tissues, lotion and chap stick! My husband and kids have the flu right now. I’m the only one not sick. Hopefully will stay that way! Thx for this great giveaway!

  • Jennie

    I always keep some type of lipstick or lip balm, tissues and mirror. I also keep a tweezer and dental floss…and lately I carry my black fingerless gloves…I change handbags a lot…and I just transfer these to the next. Thx!

  • colleen mayer

    DEFINITELY a good hand cream- a bit pricey, but L’Occitane brand is the best! Also lip balm and a tissues pocketpack.

  • Courtnie

    I always have chapstick and tissues

  • Tabathia

    Chapstick, kleenex and some hand warmers

  • Cristen Kennedy

    In the winter, my handbag has heavy hand cream, gloves, chapstick and static guard!

  • Pat

    Lots of hand cream and chapstick

  • Stephanie Dickerson

    I winterize my purse by making sure that if I’m not currently carrying a large shopper-esque tote bag, I switch over to one in a dark color. I then make sure to add these must-have essentials of: heavy hand and body creams, beanies to protect my curly kinks from the harsh weather, stacks on stacks of lip balms and glosses, Kleenex packs, peppermints & throat drops, and hand sanitizer.