6 Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100

6 Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas under 100 on The Curvy Fashionista

All of us love a good deal and I spoke about shopping on a budget in our latest Holiday Shopping post on The Curvy Fashionista…

6 Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas under 100 on The Curvy Fashionista

Sometimes, we can’t just go with the budget items.  The holiday season is a great time to ask and get things you may not always splurge for on yourself – or be the giver for someone else.  If you’re looking for something for the women in your life and can go a bit higher on the items, then this is the guide for you. Just some ideas when you can spend up to $100 – or maybe a little more.   (although love has no limit)
Some of my personal faves are luxury make up gift palettes, hand bags, candles and perfumes and I have a few to share with you, Five actually!

6 Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas Under 100

Note: Sometimes this is where shopping can get tricky.  While gift cards are always a great option, it may be a person you really need to buy a gift for!  Try and pay attention to where she shops, things she may like.  I have to admit – you normally will never go wrong with a handbag or pretty tech accessories that might be a bit more upscale.  If you have time, toss in a $10 gift card to her favorite coffee of tea spot!

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What are you looking for? Which Items are you spying to receive OR give for the holiday season? We want to know!

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