Monday Musings: How Has Blogging Changed Your Life?

This question right here…

While perusing Twitter, I stumbled across a blog post that has resonated with me on various levels. I checked out Craig McBreen’s Post, How Has Blogging Changed Your Life and it sparked more questions and thoughts than I initially was ready for, so I let this marinate. It sent me thinking… and for today’s Monday Musings, I wanted to reflect on this- an innovation and platform that five years ago wouldn’t have me HERE.

I find this timely too. As we enter into December, my blog turns five. WHEW. FIVE. Can you believe it too? I can say that this journey has been a rough, rewarding, self-revealing, innovative, and the best job I think I have ever had (and I have had a few!)

But back to this question…

How has blogging changed my life?

You know, so many thoughts come to mind, so bear with me as I try to keep them organized. But, the changes? Let me first say this:

Personal Confidence. It takes a lot to stand in judgment of others, especially when you are trying to help them. This vulnerability helps strengthen your being in ways I never thought or really understood when I made this step into blogging… I mean, the bikini I rocked? That wouldn’t have happened (me posting it on the blog?) years ago…

The Curvy Fashionista Plus Size Bikini Style

Baby steps right?

I have learned my voice when I never even knew what I was doing… Everything was a test, an experiment, a gamble that sometimes worked and sometimes did not, BUT having the courage and confidence to step out on faith, your own moxie, and sheer curiosity- this blog has helped build my own personal confidence in a variety of ways!

Business acumen. So yes, I have my bachelors in business and my MBA in Marketing, but learning and applying the skills are entirely different. Because I am a nerd, I enjoyed this part of it, thinking strategically, planning, plotting, observing, implementing, testing, and doing it all over again… While some think that blogging is easy and a walk in the park?

 How Has Blogging Changed Your Life The Curvy Fashionista

Boo, it is a forever hustle and marrying this hustle with the business, has helped me realize my own potential and limits.

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Discipline. You know, working for yourself, as sexy as it sounds, is not always the easiest thing to do. Knowing that if you do not do X, it will not get done is heavier that a MF. I had to learn how to set boundaries in the home, with others, with MYSELF to get ish done. I now have personal and business schedules, calendars, and reminders to make sure life gets taken care of. But on the flip side, I have learned how to…

Marie Denee on Vacation Plus Size Bikini Style

Take it easy. I am surely my mother’s daughter. A workaholic at heart. Perfectionist by nature (I am a Virgo) and forever curious and unsatisfied. All of these have been reveled more glaringly in this journey and I am appreciative for it too. SO in this, I have learned to give myself breaks- a few years back my health took a BAD turn for the worse, something I never shared but stress was killing me and I had to learn how to process, REST, relax, and to not beat myself up over taking a break, the day off, or time to enjoy life a bit- Hello First Vacation in Seven Years!

So how has blogging changed my life?

It has allowed me to find out JUST WHO I am, how strong I am, how far I could go, and has showed me that I DO matter in more ways than one.

Blogging has helped me JUST as much as those who email me sharing how much this blog has helped them.

Blogging has made me a better woman, a stronger woman, a more compassionate woman, a patient woman.

But most of all, Blogging has helped develop me into a BUSINESSWOMAN.

So now, I ask you…

How has blogging changed your life?

And if you are NOT a Blogger…

What has helped change your life in ways that you hadn’t thought about or imagined?


 ps. Mad love to Inez Lewis for this pic and Janae Jones for the direction- more to come…

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Comments (20)

  1. For me, blogging has let out the person I always wanted to be, but never dared to be. It has changed my life in a way I’d never even dreamed that it could.

  2. Blogging has changed my life because it allows me to express myself and communicate through style while including my baby. It has sharpened my business and communication skills.

  3. Great post ma’am and happy almost 5 year blogaversary! Blogging has allowed to meet and establish authentic friendships with people that I would never have otherwise encountered.

  4. Blogging has provided me with not only a creative outlet, but also opened me up to a whole community of amazing people who I am blessed to know. Plus – it has also opened up the door to opportunities that I might not have otherwise encountered. Loved hearing your journey Marie! You are definitely a blogger who inspires your readers on the daily. Congrats on the 5 year anniversary!

  5. I love this!! After three years of blogging it has changed my life dramatically this year. It helped me launch my full time freelance writing career – something I would have never done otherwise had I not started blogging. Like you, blogging helped me become more confident, really hone in on my business skills, and give me the discipline I needed this year. I also met such awesome people along the way that have helped me in ways they don’t know even know yet!

    Child I could go on and on! LOL

  6. Congrats on your (almost) 5 year Blogiversary. Where do I begin? Blogging has definitely helped me find (and continues to) help me find my voice. I’ve also been able to develop some really great relationships. I’ve definitely had to become more organized….and STEP OUT of my comfort zone. 🙂
    Thanks for this inspiring post.

  7. I needed this honestly! I started two years ago now, but more recently I actually started blogging more frequently. It changed my life in so many ways. I learned patience and time management. I have a pretty busy schedule so I realized that if I truly want to write then I have to make time to do it. I have expanded my circle by interacting with other bloggers and writers. Most importantly, blogging changed my life because I found my PHREAdom (freedom) in writing again. I lost it years ago, but thanks to my blogs it’s renewed.
    I loved this post very much! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

  8. Great post! I’ve definitely found my inner voice since blogging. I’ve become more business savvy and realized talents I never knew I have. More importantly, blogging has helped me get one step closer at becoming an entrepreneur.

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