Bag Lady: New Luxury Handbag Collection DeOndra Jereé

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I’m not sure about you, but I love a good handbag or purse or satchel or tote or clutch or [insert handbag style name here].   I also love new and unique handbags – mostly because

1) they are wonderful fashion statements

2) they are a great way to make new friends through conversation pieces

3) they always fit and

4) you can build a collection over the years and wear them interchangeably.

When I saw the new collection by Deondra Jereé , decidedly – I was in love.    I love the look because they remind me of something… newly vintage.

Deondra Morris, who is the designer and creator of the line says “Our pieces are alluring, fashion forward, bold, and high-end.  I wanted to give women who desire the finer things in life a handbag that is sophisticated, yet edgy.”  She’s more than accomplished that with this new collection! Take a look:

New Luxury Handbag Collection: DeOndra Jereé

Being that they are handcrafted leather, it also means you’ll have them for years to come and they will get better with the wear and tear – one of the many qualities that makes leather unique.  I love the two-tone.  I’d be likely to pair them with items as a stand-alone piece, as something gorgeous and speaks for itself.  I, personally, can never have enough tote bags – which is why I love the Milan Tanadas and it’s depth.

As a blogger and a personal who feels like she needs to carry her life in her purse – that’s the one for me!   But when I’m not hauling my life around, I’m all about a shoulder purse like the Sabré Tafa Mulón.   As I’m putting this together, I’m wondering what kinds of shoes I’d pair with the bags, how I could rock trouser jeans and chambray and winter white….nevermind.  I could go on and on!!

To find out more,  please visit

How would you rock these?  How would you accessorize them?  Sound off!


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