15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry

One day, I was daydreaming, and I was coming up with all of these questions that had me frustrated, irritated, concerned, amused, delighted, and perplexed. I had questions: Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry regarding things that, from my experience, could totally be remedied. I had ideas. Thoughts. Solutions… In my head, I was on a roll.

But before I started offering these up, I thought it would be kind of fun to share with you what was really going on in my head. I know more than a few of you had these thoughts too. And they run the gamut in the fashion world- straight and plus size included.

So take a read and let me know your thoughts…

15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry

15 Questions About the Fashion and Plus Size Fashion Industry

  1. Do we really need another shopping app?
  2. Why are people still saying there is nothing in plus size fashion? We have more options than ever… Proof, here, here, and here.
  3. Is free shipping still a promotion?
  4. Why add that random applique or detail?
  5. WHY do some sites that sell plus size NOT use plus size models? I am not talking like a size 12, I am talking about those who use straight size stock images, a mannequin just for plus, OR a size 4 or 6?
  6. Why, Why, Why, if you DO sell plus sizes do you NOT talk, promote, and feature them on your own sites? I don’t get it.
  7. I still don’t get all this mesh see though dresses. How you supposed to hold up the girls?
  8. Why don’t the US fashion magazines feature and promote plus size fashion as their international counterparts?
  9. Why don’t I see a range of hues in plus size models? The only site that is the most diverse is Ashley Stewart. I love me some plus size models, but can we get more diversity?
  10. Why don’t you offer free returns if you do not offer my size in store?
  11. Why haven’t you offered your sick ass designs in plus yet? YOU COULD TOTALLY do it. I am talking about DKNY (NOT the DKNYC range), BCBG, and DVF, you could totally partner with Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Saks Fifth to make this twerk.
  12. If you make up to a size 18, why can’t you continue the full range? I am so confused.
  13. Why haven’t we seen a plus size model kick ass in a mainstream accessory or beauty ad? Asides from Crystal Renn, I am sure that Denise, Fluvia, Ashley Graham, and a few others can hold it down. I do hear that Robyn is on the cusp of this… so who knows…
  14. Why are we still having to shop predominantly online? I do love it, but damn a girl wants to go out and have a little fun.
  15. Why can I not find a plus size full midi length leather skirt? Not Fitted. Full.
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Am I alone in these questions? Which ones do you have? Which ones get you going? Let me know, let’s talk about it.

Lucie Lu!

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