First Look: Rachel Pally White Label Holiday 2013

Rachel Pally White Label Holiday 2013

Have you ever had the pleasure of rocking out in Rachel Pally White Label? Sumptuous fabrics, playful and versatile silhouettes, definitely a brand that you must get your hands on at least once in your life… and you must snatch up at least one piece for your closet! I have rocked Rachel Pally on the blog more than once! Check out here, here, here, and here!

Told you I am a HUGE fan! LOL. Today, I share with you the holiday collection from Rachel Pally, showcasing her plus size range as well as a few items that I wish she fashioned in plus size… LOL

Soft cream, soft lavenders and purples, a playful galaxy print and varying hues of orange green, all grounded with black… this collection gives me a resort feel, laid back and fabulous all at the same time. So what I have done is picked out a few of my favorites from the collection for your review and obsession!

You ready?

Rachel Pally White Label Holiday 2013

You see what I mean? There are definitely more than a few jewels here! I am so hyped about this dress with the Zebra print, I can already see a few ways to rock it. WOOT.

You can Shop the Rachel Pally Holiday Collection NOW, actually!

A few of the items have already trickled in! And if you have ever wondered if Rachel Pally is worth it, I STILL have items from three years + that are still JUS TAS FAB as today. AND I put all of my pieces in the washing machine. So, basically, you will have them forever and they are colorfast- not fading with wear! EVEN BETTER!

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Do you own a few pieces; let me know what your thoughts are of the White Label range!

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  1. I just discovered Rachel Pally’s clothes and love them . . . . feel like a princess. So soft and feminine! I even got to meet her at the recent warehouse sale. I just don’t know where you can buy these clothes!!

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