Ask the Reader: What item are you most afraid of wearing?

It has been a minute since I have done an ask the reader post. I love hearing from you guys- you are quite the sharp and resourceful bunch.

So today, I had been thinking, doing a bit of self inventory and realized, I am terrified of skater skirts. If you have been following me on Facebook, I touched on this before. I love the look of them, but for some unknown reason, I get extreme pause to actually step into one. I have bought two, to try to push myself out of my fear, to no avail.

Plus size skater Skirts

Maybe this comes from my years as a cheerleader and they are wayyyyy too familiar. Or maybe it is because I am a little older and they (skater skirts) read a bit younger than I am… I really do admire the style and the many ways they have been worn, BUT DAMMIT.

I CANT. I think I am scared.

I don’t want to show too much of my business. I dunno. LOL. I am stuck here.

Which had me thinking, I wanted to know if I was alone in being so apprehensive in trying something new.

What item are you most afraid of wearing?

So I ask you today, what item are you the most afraid of wearing?

Do you think we could overcome this fear together? If enough of you decide to face your own item that you dread or fear wearing, I will do it too! Maybe we could hastag it? I dunno.

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