Instantly Obsessed with Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Karen London

Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Karen London

Karen London. HOMIGAWD. If you have been following me for a bit, then you know I have a thing for rings. The more unique, the better. The edgier, the better. The fancier, the better.

Add to this, that Karen London is an LA Based designer, I am even more hyped about this (for those who DON’T KNOW, I am based in the LA area). I am here for every piece of hers and seriously cannot get enough of her designs! After being sent a mini pitch from her PR peeps, I gasped. I was like, “how in the hell did I miss this?” I think I even replied to the PR team with something along those lines.

So Karen London?

Let me share a bit about her and her design aesthetic… a perfect marriage between edgy and feminine, between rock n roll and bohemian, between understated and statement-making.

Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Karen London

Um… HELLO KAREN LONDON… this is me all the way.

First of all. Karen London is a veteran in the jewelry world, merging vintage inspirations with modern shapes and a contemporary style all her (and mine) own.

Believing in the old adage, “the devil is in the details,” Karen London feels that “you can wear the same white t-shirt or black mini dress 50 times over, but every look is fresh and new with the simple change of an accessory.” I happen to agree hence, my section on the blog, accessorize to maximize. Accessories always make the look!

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Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Karen London

Inspired by the Stevie Knicks, Madonnas, Tina Turners, and various other rock and roll icons, Karen London names every piece after these iconic musicians or their lyrics, making the collection “a favorite with pop sensations and indie rock darlings alike.”

I must leave you with a really cool video of the collection- definitely giving me an 80’s pop vibe!

You can shop the Entire collection here, at Karen London! Make sure you catch up on her blog, First Class Babes, follow Karen London on Facebook and Twitter!

What do you think of the Karen London collection!?! Are you in love with her as much as I am? Leave a comment, let’s talk about this.

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