My Style: My Candy Strike Thick Chic Tee

So, this weekend, I spent time with the homies from college. One of my girls decided that she was going to move to Germany! Germany! AYE. I had to be there. As I was debating on what to wear, I reached for my newest purchase from Candy Strike, my Thick Chic Tee

Pardon the night time, no flash, camera phone shots!

The CUrvy Fashoinista in Thick Chic Tee by Candy Strike


I already knew what I wanted to rock with it… my Sealed with a Kiss Midi Skirt, because as you may know, I am currently in love with midi skirts. And since they have launched their CORE Collection, I found something that I knew would get crazy life and wear out of this! So, they sent me over this skirt, knowing my love of midis and made it work with my Candy Strike Tee.

The CUrvy Fashoinista in Thick Chic Tee by Candy Strike

AND if you noticed, I got a new hairstyle too! I am rocking my Bounce Organic Curl from Indique, more on this later, but HEYYY new hair!

Bounce Organic Curl by Indique Hair

The arrival of this tee and the skirt was perfect in addition to my new acquisition of my ASOS booties and my “Stella” Perfect Clutch (sent to me)! Since I had just fashioned my NCLA nail stickers (sent to me), I was set and ready to go!

We headed to The Standard in Downtown LA and hung out till the whee hours… I cannot hang tough as I used to! When we got there, some of our buddies from college were JUST GETTING THERE. UGH. However, it was really good to see and catch up with them! I saw some cuties, laughed and teased a few friends, and was hyped to get out of the house to just play…

Now, I wasn’t really going to do a post on this, BUT since there was sooo much excitement about my tee and look, I HAD to give you all the deets of my look so that you could cop what you wanted and needed in your life!

AND on top of everything, my whole look was under $165! Here is the breakdown:

Total: 164.51

The CUrvy Fashoinista in Thick Chic Tee by Candy Strike

I had a blast and I am going to miss my boo, Aisha!

What do you think of my look? Which items are you digging? Did I make this work?

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  • Jennie

    I love your entire look!!! Purchased the top this morning…love the midi skirt, but I will wait and purchase later. Thanks for sharing…and I love your style.

    • Marie Denee

      YEAHHH! Thank you madame! :)

  • Elizabeth

    <3 <3 you're gorgeous and we love you. Thank you so much.

    • Marie Denee

      Love you too and thank you for the kind words!

  • Kar Bar

    YAS HUNTY! Fierce the house down!

    • Marie Denee

      THANK you! :)

  • Kay

    Love It!!!! Really love that bag too!!!

    • Marie Denee

      THANK YOU!

  • Ellen OJ

    Love the tee. Totally going to purchase. Also am intrigued by the nail stickers.

    • Marie Denee

      LOVE my nail stickers. LOVE them!