My Style: Purple Reign

Sometimes, there is a designer who is so good, that you do not even realize you now have two dresses from the same designer in the same color, AND you could not care less.

Marie Denee in Melissa Masse Plus Size Dress

This dress by Melissa Masse, whom I have loved for the past four years, has done just this. I actually have a one shoulder dress from her, from over four years ago, in THIS SAME HUE! Ha! Yes, I do. But when her team reached out to fashion something for Full Figured Fashion Week, I could not turn down this offer! Especially as this dress was JUST a Gotta Have It of mines…

SO this is a re-shoot… especially since I did not get a really good pic of this in New York, but I was so in love and had to share!

Marie Denee in Melissa Masse Plus Size Dress

I spoke of this dress and the ruching and the color and the neckline- all things I was salivating over. But what I could not share, because I didn’t know was the fabric. Um… can we say yummy? SO. Damn. SOFT. Given the summer heat right now, I wasn’t sure if I needed to rock some spanx, I was trying to be cool, calm, and collected here!

Marie Denee in Melissa Masse Plus Size Dress

And in this dress, with this fabric and cut, I did not HAVE to rock any… comfy and playful! This would and is going to be my little black dress alternative; we all need a few of these. Sexy yes?

This Melissa Masse dress will last me a few years- bet.

I paired my look with these pewter heels from Guess and the handbag I scored from Last Call at Nieman’s a few months back!

Marie Denee in Melissa Masse Plus Size Dress

You can shop this dress from Bloomingdales or at Melissa Masse’s website!

What do you think of this? DO you think you could see yourself in a dress like this? Let me know in the comments below!

My photos shot by Will Utley Photography
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  • Missy May

    wow the colour of the dress is hot! And you look beautiful. Love the whole ensemble..:-)

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you! :D

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Wow! You look amazing in this dress, I think that ruche detail is so pretty on our curves. You better work maam

    • Marie Denee

      Heheheh I will ma’am! :D

  • Style Chic 360

    Amazing shots you look fab!

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you madame!

  • Sing

    That dress is hotness!

    • Marie Denee

      Isnt it!?!

  • diane

    You look stunning!

    • Marie Denee

      Why thank you!

  • RevealingBeaute

    You look HAWT! The ruching is perfect and I’m a forever fan or purple!

    • Marie Denee

      :) heheheh thank you sis!

  • Lisa


    • Marie Denee

      :) Big smiles, thank you!

  • Cassandra Westfall

    Gorgeous! Regal in purple!


    • Marie Denee

      Thank you!

  • Kelly Lindsay

    I love this so much; the color is perfect on you. I wish more designers would make dresses with sleeves.

  • Ylenia

    wow darling, you look more then stunning!!!
    this dress and colour if so perfect on you. adorable!!!!

  • Lera

    Wow, what a gorgeous color; suits you so well!