My Style: Asos Curve Lace Shorts and Legs

My Style: asos curve lace and denim  shorts

Shorts. I am all over them this season. Denim, cotton, and everything else in between, I am here for shorts. Today, I was relaxing, playing around at my friend’s house and thought, maybe I should share… So, I did! As I have shared in the past, I have a thing for shorts. Probably, because of where I live. It gets to over 100 degrees in the summer!

I am sooo in love with this oversized sweater from Simply Be. I love a good knit and even better, one with a little attitude. Love it. In white too?

My Style: asos curve lace and denim  shorts

These ASOS Curve Lace Shorts? Mmmhmmm I bought them. They spoke to the inner bohemian in me. Easy breezy and fancy free? I was surprised with them to. They fit perfectly! I was concerned that the leg would be too tight or that they would cut the tummy in an awkward place and these shorts (there are only a few left here) MADE ME HAPPY.

My Style: asos curve lace and denim  shorts

The button fly was a pleasant surprise as well! The coverage of the lave hit longer than I thought, only making my comfort level in these bad boys higher. Being that we were lunging around and playing, we shot in this nook with killer lighting!

My Style: asos curve lace and denim  shorts

I cannot wait to rock these shorts all summer long. Do NOT be surprised if you see these making another appearance on the blog! I can tell you that this uber comfy, segzy, and yummy oversized knit from Simply Be? THIS one will make its debut later this week, with some killer news!

You can score what is left of the ASOS Curve shorts here and the Simply Be Sweater by Joe Brown here!

Special Thanks to Will Utley Photography who shot me! Like his FB page here!

Are you a fan of these shorts from ASOS Curve? What about a chunky white knit oversized sweater? Can you get with it? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it!


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  • Hope Varnedoe

    i ADORE this look. i especially love the shorts and think they look fabulous on you. saw a straight-sized fashion blogger with the same shorts as well. i went to get them but they’re sold out. :( oh well. but thanks for showing that we plus-size ladies can rock shorts. btw you have great legs lady!

    • Marie Denee


  • Eat.Style.Play

    YAS MAAM! Way to be creative with you photos! I love when bloggers have fun! I’ve been thinking about getting these shorts they are so cute!

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you! I was having a little fun!!! LOL

  • Elizabeth Bey

    You make these shorts look way better than the ASOS page model does (not that she’s ugly or anything, just stating that now). Unfortunately they are now out of stock, :(, and way out of my normal budget. I’m always curious how you can afford all these amazing clothes you have! Incredibly jealous. I’m loving shorts right now and was pleasantly surprised to find that Wet Seal carries plus-size and bought 2 pairs from them. Also jealous of the amazing photography you have, I need to work on mine for my blog but I never seem to have anyone around to help (and have yet to learn more than the basics of photography). Great post overall!!

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you madame…

      The shorts were there yesterday! LOL…. :(

      When you ask about me affording these clothes, it is interesting.. I make money and buy what I like… sometimes items are gifted/sent for review and other times, like this one, I buy. But I have been in this for almost five years? So I pick and choose what I buy, and have worked retail for a minute and invest in those pieces I know will work over the seasons… :D

      I am blessed to have an amazing friend who does this… :) He is awesome.

  • Chrissy Dawn

    love the shorts. would be easy to revamp old pair jeans as shorts and use some lace in some the sections what lovely idea as long lace is cotton and not itchy nylon.

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you!!!! I like how you think, and yes… this would be a great idea!

  • Lexi

    Totally love the shorts! The lace is a nice touch for some coverage but also a touch of see through sexiness. :) Great blog!


    • Marie Denee

      Thank you sooo kindly madame!