Show Me, Style Me: One Pair of (Plus Size Skinny Ankle) Jeans, Five Looks

Plus size skinny ankle jeans. I have heard many times, that a plus size woman cannot wear them, and they are not for us… PSHAW.

As we have introduced this new segment, I wanted to give you a new outlet to see how you can style items in your closet for whatever the occasion, but more importantly when I shop, I have to be able to imagine five+ ways to rock something before I buy, and I thought I would share with you the looks I had in mind when I saw these Stiletto Jeans from Torrid.

Remember last week and the week before when I shared with you, one how I rocked them for my class trip and then the week before for the Gotta Have it, I am sharing with you additional ways to rock it, with a few ideas!

So are you ready?

One Pair of Torrid (skinny ankle) Jeans, Six Looks


Look One

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans  I am wearing:

Thrifted Cardigan
Simply Be Lime Green Relaxed Peplum
Simply Be Boots (three years old) similar pair here

Look Two

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans  I am wearing:

ASOS Curve High low Sheer Blouse

Spiked Back Heels from Dollhouse (Beyond the Rack Score)

Look Three

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans  I am wearing:

  • City Chic Peplum Top
  • Snakeskin Pumps from Chinese Laundry

Look Four

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans  I am wearing:

  • Blue Peplum Top from
  • Black Wedge Heels from

Look Five

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans  I am wearing:

  • Neon Yellow/Green Blouse by Pleione from Nordstrom
  • Cognac Heels by

Look Six

show me style me Torrid Stiletto Jeans  I am wearing:

  • Soft Blazer from Addition Elle
  • White Tube Top (hecka old)


Some of you swear you cannot wear skinny, ankle, or similarly cut bottoms/jeans. I hope this helps you see that you can rock skinny jeans (despite what some of you think), and that there are many ways that they can work for you!

Which look is your favorite? How would you wear these? Do you want to see more outfit ideas? Let me know!


Thank you to William Utley Photography for shooting me!
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  • AJ

    LOVE. I have that neon yellow shirt in that color AND in the blue and I’m obsessed with it. I even wish I’d bought more just to have backup tops for when I spill. LOL. And I”m all over that ASOS top! Must have.

    • Marie Denee

      Yeahhhh!!! :) I am happy you dig!

  • JbegnaudJ

    i like looks 2 & 6 best. Very fun and perfect for Spring! I want that Asos high low blouse even though I am probably too short to make it work as well you….but I’ll probably do it anyway :)

    • Marie Denee

      I love that you will do it anyway! It is all about experimenting! You never know! :) XOXO

      • JbegnaudJ

        Absolutely! You’re an inspiration. I know I can carry off any look i choose, if I feel comfortable and confident. Style is 10% fashion 90% confidence after all. Plus, if it doesn’t work there’s always Goodwill. XOXO

        • Marie Denee

          Thank you for those kind words!!!! XOXOXO

  • Gladys Aviles-Barrera

    I absolutely love the Torrid skinny ankle jeans! I have to buy them in every color soon…

    • Marie Denee

      Ooohhh nice!

  • socamom

    Four and six! That blue top from Wow… it is too cute!

    • Marie Denee

      RIGHT??? SCORE!!!!!

  • Emmy

    I love these, wore them to work today, but I found them impossible to wear during the winter. Since they are so short, you need a tall boot to cover the bottom. Struggled with that all winter, because I love the fit. Can’t wear socks with them or sneakers because of that length. Great article!

    • Marie Denee

      Did you see my winter option? With the boots??? BUT, you could always rock hosiery underneath for fall :)


    My fave pair of skinny jeans!!

    • Marie Denee


  • Kim Conner

    I don’t like the way skinny jeans look on me, but after seeing how good they look on you, I think I will try them on again. I think the heels have a lot to do with it, and if I was wearing heels, maybe I wouldn’t feel like a stump in skinny jeans. You rock! Thanks!

    • Marie Denee

      YAYYYY! A Convert! Love it!!! Now you must update and share once you get some! :)

  • Ky G (@KrickettwithaK)

    This is an awesome post. Do you mind doing one for straight leg/bootcut jeans?

    • Marie Denee

      Oooohhh I can do that!!! A little bit later, but definitely!

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