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Gotta Have It: Coated Linen Strapless from Ashley Stewart

I have always been sometime-y about linen. Love it in the summer time, the ideal fabrication for the hot weather over here on the west coast, but I hate it because of how bad it can wrinkle. BUT thanks to technology and innovation, coated linen or a linen blend is amazing.

Case in point?

Coated Linen Strapless from Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart Plus Size Coated Linen Dress

This Coated Linen number from Ashley Stewart has my interest raised to a 10. Coated for a fancier finish and wear, perfect for a summer’s night fete or date night! Coated (I am thinking) to protect the dress from wrinkling as much. For reals.

I mean, while I do like the teal version, the Orange is just so much more special than the others- wouldn’t you agree?

Ashley Stewart Plus Size Coated Linen Dress

And before you go there, being afraid of the strapless options, yes, you can rock an amazing strapless bra. They do exist! Whether you have $20 or $75, there are a few places you can cop one! You just have to shop around!

I even really like the hemline, ladylike with some sass. Yes, please. And if you are feeling a bit more fancy and conservative, there is a matching cropped coated linen jacket.
Ashley Stewart Plus Size Coated Linen Dress Summertime wear to work option or brunch option- maybe?

I would pair with a classic peep toe pump for a more demure look OR amp it up to 100% with a bold contrasting heel! I am thinking hot pink or blue or yellow! I don’t know the possibilities are endless here.

You can score this dress from Ashley Stewart Dress Here! 

But, I want to know:

How would you rock this? What would you pair this with? Where would you go? How would you take this from day to night?

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