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Review: The Winter Skin Challenge with Dove

When it comes to taking care of skin, I am somewhat hyper aware and on top of this. I am very particular about my body wash, lotion, and some-timey about my face washes. When I say particular, even my family knows NOT to get me anything other than what is on my list!

So why the review with Dove? Well, they touted to me that they had a new product that would have me rethinking my favorite, and so I took them up on their challenge!

Now, what I did first was see how my favorite stacked up to Dove, and from the video here, there was some opportunities or room here for me to be more open to Dove.

Dove Winter Care Review Dove shares that their newest formula:

cares for your skin better than other brands, including Olay, Dial and Cetaphil Restoraderm. As the only mass brand featuring the ultra-mild ingredient Glycinate, which is used primarily in high-end facial products, women no longer have to compromise on mildness for great lather and superior nourishment while cleansing.

Dove Winter Care Review  And here are my thoughts:

  • When it comes to the scent (cause I do really care about this) it was mild and fresh. Not too perfume like and pleasant.
  • I must say that while washing, it felt like lotion going on my skin. Something I hadn’t felt from other body washes and was impressed.
  • The lather was intense too, not too much needed to get the job done- although I bathe in the lather!
  • Afterwards, my skin was not dried out, although I will always rock a lotion. The first couple of times I played in this, I had forgone lotion to see how this would work for me. While I had no visible ash, my skin was soft and smooth. Okay Dove, I am paying attention.

Final thoughts:

While I am a die-hard Oil of Olay fan and user, should I be out of or cannot find any of my fave, I will definitely give Dove a second look and my fall-back or replacement.

It will take a lot for me to completely drop my favorite body wash, but Dove has done a good job of opening my eyes to something new.

Curious to see how some of your favorite body washes stack-up on the mildness scale compared to Dove®? Head here to put them to the test.


“I was provided with Dove® body wash and information about the products by Rocket XL. All opinions are 100% my own.”

Are you a die-hard body wash fan? Are you hella particular like me? Are you a Dove Bodywash user? I want to know what you rock with to keep your skin in tip top shape for the winter!

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