OOTD: Getting Graphic and Loving It

I am a fan of the black and white trend. Actually, I love it. LOVE. And when I peeped the Black and White graphic squared tunic from ASOS, I got excited. For a few reasons…

OOTD: Getting Graphic

One, I do not buy ANYTHING that I cannot wear more than once in a completely different way. I need my clothes to give me longevity and life. For reals. So, with black and white, inherently, you have a few different options in a blouse! And this is one of the reasons why I love it.

OOTD: Getting Graphic

Here, today while hanging with family, I rocked this tunic with my new favorite jeans sent for me to test out. I mean, FAVORITE. When a pair of jeans has the comfort of leggings, the ease of stretch, and the memory of traditional denim, I am in love. PAIR this with chasing around a newly walking 1 year old niece on the floor and not cutting off tummy circulation or fear of mooning my family?

OOTD: Getting Graphic

Mind you, I have a thing for jeans. I know my denim and I am VERY particular when it comes to jeans. Especially since I do not wear them much or am racing home to disrobe, these were impressive. On top of that, I have NEVER owned a pair that I have worn outside of the house that was black. I have always been leery of black denim, I don’t know why, maybe because of my MOM always wanting black jeans, but that has obviously changed. YESSSSSSSSSSS

OOTD: Getting Graphic

Here is what I wore:

OOTD: Getting Graphic

Could you rock the black and white trend? More on this trend coming soon, but OMG, how in love with this are you? I am so happy that designers are giving us on trend pieces rather than season behind or not at all!

What do you think of my look? Does it work?  How would you rock it?


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  1. NaturallyCurlyKinky says

    Love the entire look! The top is stunning and I agree with you on the black jeans, for some reason just never really purchased them, but these look gresat on you! Loving the nails and accessories too! I’m stepping out of my comfort zone but I can see that top with colored denim, red or yellow pencil skirt. So many diffrent ways …

    • says

      Right!!! Black jeans are quite foreign to me, so this was a pleasant surprise! I am with you on the colored denim and cannot wait to play with other shades this spring! 

  2. says

    i WISH i could wear the jeans you do; you fill them out so fabulously. i have no hips, no butt, plenty of middle. waah!!! i’m envying your hourglass curves. and buying all kinds of stuff based on you making the clothes look so good~

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