Essence Black Women in Music: Jill Scott, Amber Riley, and Erica Campbell


Curves on the Red Carpet!

Last night, Essence Magazine celebrated it’s 4th Annual Black Women in Hollywood sponsored by the 2013 Lincoln MKZ and I was hyped to see and share! Most excitedly because of the ample curves that sashayed down the red carpet! Woot!

I had to share with you a few looks from fellow Curvy Fashionistas that rocked! Are you ready?

Jill Scott

Decked out in a Red Micheal Costello Number, yes. Hair fashioned by Felicia Leatherwood of Loving Your Hair with Natural Care, I adore Felicia and am even more hyped that she will be doing my hair next week! WOOT!

Essence Black Women in Music- Jill Scott

Amber Riley

Looking sweet and chic in a pink frock (I am still trying to figure out by who!) Love this youthful look on her! She is really cool in real life too! She doesn’t read many of the blogs, but I hope she knows she has a sweet spot with me! PS. I cannot wait to hear her music! Dress may be from Dorothy Perkins (not 100% though)

Essence Black Women in Music- Amber Riley

Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

Do you watch Mary Mary’s Show? Well, I have been a fan of Mary Mary for um… decades. Partly because I grew up in the church and in SoCal, so I have seen their rise and they are the nicest ladies in real life! She is look nice as well!

Essence Black Women in Music- Erica Campbell

I cannot wait to see more as we are in the mix of the awards season and trust I will have recaps for you! Sound off!

What do you think of these red carpet looks? Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment below with your favorite look!


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  1. says

    The Lady in Red INDEED! Go ‘head Jill Scott! I’m a fan of the lady and the music, poetry, acting. Good to see the other ladies too. Guess Mary Mary’s Erica will be stepping out alone more, now that she’s going solo for a spell. 

  2. says

    I love all of the looks. Id totally rock the pink dress Amber is wearing, but in my own way of course. I also love Jills hair! It looks like braids/half weave. That’s cuper cute. Make sure you post of pic of your new hair!

  3. says

    I think all these looks are lovely, although I wished Amber Riley took more of a risk in her dress as she is in her 20s and shouldn’t be afraid to do some of these newer and trendy styles. She is gorgeous and has a dope shape.

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