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Gotta Have It: Rachel Pally White Label Plus Mini Caftan Dress

Bold. Cheeky. Sweet. Edgy. Depending on how you style Rachel Pally, easily one item of hers could be all of the above, and this is probably why I love her so. Asides from the fabrics feeling like butter across the curves, Rachel Pally is one of the pioneering OG designers who has been inclusive in plus sizes for a while now! Like, no for reals! Did you know she was one of the first contemporary designers to collab with Nordstrom to bring her line into plus sizes? For reals!!!

Rachel Pally White Label Caftan Dress

So, this dress. I love. I mean, perfect to add a pop of color into winter. This dress is perfect for layering for the winter, sashaying by the beach for resort, or taking it easy for the spring! But mostly, I really dig the vibrancy of the pattern and the colors!

Is this something you can see yourself playing in? Something that you could layer with leggings or tights? You betcha! LOL

You can score this Rachel Pally number at Bloomingdales Here!

I want to know what YOU think? Is this something you could see yourself rocking into the spring? Playing with in the winter layered to perfection? Leave a comment and let us know! Sharing is caring!


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