OOTD: #TCFTurns4 Cause We Like To Partayyy!

Now that I am fully recouped and fighting this cold I wanted to share with you what I was able to rock to my Blog Anniversary Party!

Now, if you were following me last week, you will know then that I had a few snafus on my dress! BUT, thank GOD for local indie designers, both Cult of Cali stepped up and were here for me! Cause man…. I really wanted to go fancy in a maxi, partly because I was being Lazy, BUT hey, if I was going to go short, I might as well go all out- right? Thanks to the fabulous love and support from Blacklisted Couture, I was able to make it work!

This is what I wore for my Blog Anniversary Party:

OOTD: #TCFTurns4 in Blacklisted Couture

Blacklisted Couture Rebel Warrior Dress and I paired this with jewelry from Domino Dollhouse! My skull ring, spiked hoops, and my X ring from Forever21! Shoes I scored from Dollhouse via Beyond the Rack (I think!)! Thanks to Tulin, I was able to fashion my Animal Print clutch from Curvaceous Boutique!

OOTD: #TCFTurns4 in Blacklisted Couture

You can learn all about Blacklisted Couture here (The collection is not for sale yet, but very soon!), follow them on Facebook, and Give Blacklisted Couture a Shout on Twitter here! I cannot wait for more of the collection to come out, because there is this leather suit….

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OOTD: #TCFTurns4 in Blacklisted Couture

Here I am with the designer behind Blacklisted Couture, Shellice 

OOTD: #TCFTurns4 in Blacklisted Couture

I am happy with my look and with what I decided upon! I danced the night away with my homeboys and girlfriends and the night was quite golden! More info later today on my hair and makeup, because Melissa from PROliphic Beauty Beat my face like NO OTHER!

TCFTurns4 party


Stay tuned throughout the week as we recap it all for you!

What do you think? Did you come? Did My look work?!?! Leave a comment and let me know!


All photos belong to and
are courtesy of Ethnonightlife.com

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