Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It: MICHAEL Michael Kors Chain Print Slim Pants

I have always been attracted to a good patterned pant, but I do not wear them much! I do not know why… maybe for me, the options or practicality is minimal, but ooohhh do they look nice! When I saw these fancy pants from Michael Kors, I knew that I had to make it work here…

 Michael Michael Kors Chain Pants in Plus

I mean, what’s the harm in playing in something you haven’t tried? You would always be limited in your fashion box, if you do not push your boundaries –YES? Yes.

So, I am thinking about a few ways to make this work, and Peplum is speaking to me. BUT a great blazer with a contrasting color is also calling my name here. The trick here? To play around with different styles and looks that call to you! You will never know!

A tip about patterned pants:

When you are looking for them, the smaller the print, the less emphasis on your… (ass)ets. The bolder the pattern, the bigger the pattern (in scale) the more attention that will be brought to your bottom half, so be BOLD and BE CONFIDENT when you rock them!

You can score these Chain Print Pants by Michael Kors here, at Nordstrom!


How would you rock them? Would you EVEN DARE? Do you already have an arsenal of plus size patterned pants? Share with us in the Comments Below!


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