Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It: Eloquii Yellow Slim Chinos

So, if patterns are NOT your thing, what about a bold color?

Not for the shy either! A BOLD color, in like…. YELLOW? Mmmhmm. I am here for this parade of colors for the spring! HERE FOR IT! So, when I saw these uber fabulous yellow chinos, I thought to myself, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss.


Eloquii Plus Size Yellow Chino Pants

Anyways. There are great ways to rock these, especially when styled to reflect your personality! Paired with neutral colors such as white, cream, and denim, these would be the perfect options to play the boldness down and let the pants speak for itself!

BUT, if you are the daring type, you can always color block! Pair a striking pink or a bold blue, or even spring’s trending color of emerald green! Yes! When it comes to color-blocking, don’t forget this fabulous post here on this staid trend!

And besides, who loves a pair of pants that literally brighten up a room!?! I do!

You can snag these fancy pants from Eloquii Here!

Is this too bold for you? Could you see yourself rocking a pair of these? How would you rock them? With what? Share we all want to know!

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