Gotta Have It

GOTTA HAVE IT: ASOS Curve Body-Conscious Dress In Geo Mono Print



Um, omg.

I got tooo excited when I saw this. I mean. Seriously. Soooo much so, that today has TWO Gotta Have its!

ASOS Curve Body-Conscious Dress In Geo Mono Print

With Black and White trending as a hot graphic for spring, this dress is an immediate must have! Worn NOW with tights and stacked pumps and then paired with a bold heel for spring? YES, ma’am this dress is allllllllllll mine! I cannot wait to play in this one!

Look at the pattern, strategic in its stripes as to play up and pull away from (the tummy which for me is my personal trouble spot). I love the hemline, daytime chic and playful enough for an eventful evening! I am also thinking that THIS DRESS will last for a while.

ASOS Curve Body-Conscious Dress In Geo Mono Print

As a matter of fact, I bought mines BEFORE I shared with you! JUST to make sure that I had it! SWOOP! BUT as you know, you have to move fast if this tickles your fancy, as pieces from ASOS Curve sell out fast!


Are you digging this dress? Would you play in this dress? HOW would you wear it? Leave a comment!!!!

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