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Gotta Have It: Nation LTD Verona Dress

I have a dress from Nation Ltd. I live in it around the house and when I am running around town. In the summer, it saves my life. I had been anticipating the latest from them and when I saw this dress, especially in this dark teal color, immediately I knew this will be in my closet. (I Have too much dark teal in my closet, but I do not care.)

Nation LTD Plus Size Verona Dress

You see, for Fall, this dress will easily translate in this California weather with perfect layers. This Verona Dress from Nation LTD, I already see myself wearing this dress three ways:

  1. Paired back to dark brown boots, tights, a layer with a sweater, or a blazer, a scarf and voila.
  2. Opaque tights, stacked or platform heels, and a statement necklace or cocktail ring.
  3. In the summer, I would untie the belt and pair jeweled flats and my Swarovski glasses.

The point is, the options are endless and I can wear this more than once. I do not buy something that does not last longer than one wear. THIS Dress, for me will give me EVERY PENNY’s worth and then some. Okay?

Nation LTD Plus Size Verona Dress

If you look closely, this dress has dolman sleeves. It is something to note, because there is an ease of wear, especially the back of the dress, so untied, I KNOW this will probably hang JUST perfectly off the shoulders if need be! WOOT!  What is even better is that this dress can also cross occasions. From work to play to date night, you have plenty of options in your closet with a dress like this one. I mean, for reals.

Love it? You can score the Verona Dress from Nation LTD Here!

How would you wear it? What would you wear it with? Am I alone in this dress love?  Share your thoughts! Leave a comment I want to know!

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