Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It: Leather and Lace with ASOS Curve

Um, excuse me.

Leather AND LACE?

Yes, Ma’am I will take one, please with expedited shipping.

This little number from ASOS Curve had me stop in the middle of my research, add it to my shopping bag, and examine and imagine it all over my bawwwwdddyyy.

Who would have thought? I mean. We have had leather dresses some with lace trim, but I have not seen anything like this baby here:

Gotta Have It: asos curve leather and lace

 And the Details Shots???!!!???!!!Gotta Have It: asos curve leather and lace

I mean, THIS is a great update to the little black dress, for reals. From the winter into the spring, there are quite a few places I imagine rocking this dress to and for! Seriously!

You can score this BAD ASOS CURVE dress here!

How would you wear, where would you wear it? Let me know if you are in love as much as I am!

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