OOTD: Back When I was Blonde… in Stop Staring

Curvy Fashionista OOTD Back When I was Blonde

So, I found a few outfit posts that I had seriously forgot to share! I am seriously bad at posting my outfits, and am really trying to get better at this….

Back when I was rocking blonde hair this summer, I had a blast in this look as I headed out! I wanted to play in my Stop Staring dress that was sent to me, which if you haven’t played in one of their dresses, you should! The girls were on deck for me, which I do not do often, but hey…. You should always have fun right? Right.

Curvy Fashionista OOTD Back When I was Blonde

So, I paired my dress with my ASOS Curve Boyfriend Blazer and shoes I scored from Just Fab (I seriously have an obsession with sample sale sites) And this is my look!

My Style: My Stop Staring Dress

Curvy Fashionista OOTD Back When I was Blonde


I know it is a bit late, but better late than never right? I really love this dress! Quite fitted and still quite comfortable in the movement! I also like the balance of the sex appeal and modesty. Like, if the girls are out, then the dress is a bit longer! LOL

Curvy Fashionista OOTD Back When I was Blonde

The EXACT dress from Stop Staring is sold out BUT you can shop all their plus size styles here and you can shop till you drop at Just Fab Here! The ASOS Curve Loose Fit Blazer is on sale in black!

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What do you think? Would you rock a dress like this?

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  1. That outfit looks great on you and yes I think it would me too… I clicked to look @ the Stop Staring website but you know, I really have a hard time when clothes for plus size ladies are modeled using size 6 (or 4 or whatever) ladies. In fact I pretty much won’t even order if the outfit is not modeled by a plus size woman. Does anyone else struggle with this or is it just me? My prob is that I can’t picture the outfit on me personally. I need help, and seeing it on a petite or small woman does nothing to help me. I have big curves and if the model doesn’t, I just really struggle with that.

    1. I know what you mean. To get around this, I do try on various types of silhouettes when I’m in a store, that way when I’m buying on line I have an idea of what works. However, sometimes, i just try something that I like. I’ve been successful but I’ve also failed and needed to return the item. I think even when you have a plus size model, sometimes the proportions are so different from mine it still a judgement call.

      1. Thank you for responding. I may have to try different ‘silhouettes’ on to get a better handle. I *think* I have very close to the same curves as MD does, and hopefully one day I can meet her in person. When she models an outfit it helps me get a handle on what it might look like on me.

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